Urgent: I need Ken from Card Fighters 2

Oy, does anyone have an image of Ken from Card Fighters 2 lying around? FightGen is down and I’m screwed.




Oh hell yes. You’ve singlehandedly saved my new video.

N - Thank you SO MUCH.

new ken vid?

Haha, no. Ken will probably be the last video I ever make.

N - Though it could happen.

lol, i can wish can’t i? lol, glad i could help.

Seriously, do you want a Ken video? I owe ya now, I can put it on the To Do list if you’re serious.

I just figured everyone knows how to play Ken. (Insert Easy Mode link) into Shippu xN.


nah, I’m just kidding around man. mk xx shippu. You don’t owe me anything.