Urgent Madcatz Pad Question for HDR!

Need some fast help! I found many MadCatz pads, may just buy one tomorrow if I am convinced enough. Important questions:

  1. How does the d-pad feel?
  2. Does it work well with charge characters? I need it to learn Vega
  3. How is its durability? I’ve heard bad things

I’m aware it may be off-topic, but I find that the regulars in this particular forum are generally better than the users in other forums.

From my experience you have to press the diagonals a little harder than usual. It seems to have trouble registering in this game. The buttons are awesome.

For other fighting games, it works like a champ. Nevertheless, it’s a gigantic step above the 360 pad.

Your fighting skills will increase creating a more deadlier Cammy.

I am now afraid… :sweat:

I can’t comment on charge characters since I only play Fei. I can test it out right now though.


I played with Vega in Training mode for about 15 minutes and I seemed to execute the commands with little problems.

Great, thanks man! I REALLY appreciate it. Were you able to seamlessly go into the walldive from cr. mp, for example? I’ll always hold down the directions but they’ll never come out for some reason.

Try doing charge :db::mp:/:mk: into opposite wall super :db::df::db::uf::k:

If it can do that easily it’s perfect.

Hey man, I own one of these things. I bought it right after SF4 came out. The diagonals will go out after a while, which sucks if you like blocking/charging. It feels better than the Xbox controller’s d-pad, but it still sucks. (This ain’t no Genesis/Saturn six button!)

My advice is to save up a bit and buy a stick, or just use the analogue like Jiggly has been telling everyone to do for the past 6 months.

just use the analog stick on the 360, I thought that shit was pretty tight once I got used to it before I had a stick.

i picked up a madcatz pad just for the shitty xbox 360 tournaments

otherwise i hate using it but it’s much better than the normal 360 pad

oh i would never play sf2 on it though, how the hell are u supposed to piano those buttons? It works great for sf4 though.

the only thing good about the fightpad is that its got all 6 buttons on the face. The hori control pad is good, but you’ll have to map 2 buttons to the trigger buttons which can awkward to use in combos

Thanks alot so far, everyone! I see people say the diagonals wear out…How long will the thing last? Its $50+ tax so I’m really on the fence.

Thank you.

about my fightpad

i got it for 20 dollars on craigslist since they have shit fighter 4 tournaments in wisconsin and they’re on xbox so i went to go get it and try it out before i paid for it, and i ended up staying at the dudes place for like an hour showing him some stuff, and he even went to the tournament the next day

anyway it’s an OK pad, like I said loads better than the xbox pad but i usually use a ps1 pad for just about everything so it’s a lot different