URGENT - repairing SFAE button

Hey guys, I just found an SFAE stick at my local Gamestop today for a mere $20.00, unfortunately, the triangle button doesn’t work a good 75% of the time but other than that it’s great.

Could anyone assist me in repairing this button so I can enjoy this fabulous deal?


id take out the buttons for some nice sanwa’s

and stick too

i didnt like it

Well, if it helps, the button doesn’t work well while the controller’s flat, but when it’s on a tilt or upside-down the triangle button functions properly. Would I just need to make some quick adjustment on the inside?

Maybe the disconnects are loose. Yeah you should open it up and take a look. Good deal for $20. But yeah swap out the stock stuff when you get a chance.

thats strange

i believe they use quick disconnects

so you might just have to make sure the connection to the button is secure

if you choose to buy some happ parts you can use this as a ref

head over to the trading outlet and order happ parts from ponyboy

hope this helps :tup:

Does that mean it’s impossible to fix? I don’t have any experience replacing buttons but I’d just like a quick fix since I’m a novice anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Disconnects just plug onto the microswitch. So if thats the problem you just need pliars to tighten them. It’s a quick fix, hence the name quick disconnect. :wgrin:

You just made me so happy, I came :smiley:

Should follow the arcade stick monk guide, and put in Happ parts now. It is very easy to do.

The stock buttons of the AC stick use quick disconnects but they are very small. Happ requires .187 gauge QD’s, so you’ll need to cut off the original disconnects, strip the wire, crimp on .187 size disconnects, and then you are ready to swap in happ buttons. So easy it is not even funny.

Sorry to be a nuisance, but would you be able to maybe outline how exactly I’m going to be tightening the quick disconnects? I’ll probably replace everything sometime down the line, but for now I need a functioning MP button D=

sooo wrong :rofl:

the qd is a little plug thats going to the button
squeeze between the wire and the plastic part

make sure it fits securely

but please replace the parts with happ buttons
trust me youll like it 3242534 times more

open the bottom part of the stick so you can see the insides.

on each of the buttons is this little box that is called a microswitch. the microswitches have 2 terminals and there should be a quick disconnect (qd) on each terminal and a wire coming out of the QD.

you just want to make sure those qds are clamped on to those terminals tightly. if that doesnt fix the problem youll need to get new microswitches, which are pretty cheap so no worries

or new buttons altogether ^___^

Believe me, the quick disconnect is far less complicated than any explanation can make it sound. Once you get the stick open, and you have the replacement “QD” you need, it’ll be a snap. Just make sure, you crimp the “tail” of the qd, too.

I’m thinking about replacing the stick in mine, now that I’ve replaced a couple in my arcade cab. I have absolutely no issue with the buttons, though.

So do I need a replacement QD (and if so, what is the right kind) or am I able to just adjust it on my own?

I’d say take the stick apart before you head anywhere. That way, you’ll see just what we’re talking about here. It’ll be the plastic piece attaching the wires to the prongs on the bottoms of the buttons. There’s a chance it might have just slipped off, and need a good squeeze with a crimper/plyers/ non-cutting end of wire strippers. If not, take it off the wire, and bring it with you to Home Depot or Lowes. Just ask the first clerk you see, and they’ll bring you right over to the QDs and can probably help you pick out the one you need, too. They’re very inexpensive.

You can get Happ parts for mere pennies, deffinately take on the task of swapping the stock parts out, even to a novice it would be more than worth it.

just follow the guide i gave you up there ^^^

its very easy and totally worth the time