Urgently need help regarding disconnecting Sanwa quick connects


Hi, I just got my plexi for my qanba q4, Im currently at the step of disconnecting the wires from the buttons. HOWEVER, some of these suckers just wont come off, im wiggling on them over and over while pulling but of course im mega afraid of breaking the prongs off the buttons themselves. Is there any advice for removing these things?


Sometimes you just have to pull very hard. Pinch the metal part, and roll up the heat shrink cover if it has one. As long as you’re not putting strain on the wire itself you shouldn’t break anything.

It’s kind of terrifying when you first do it, but I’ve yet to break a terminal on a button when removing a qd.


I find using a thin flat-head screwdriver can help with stubborn ones - put it in the gap under the round bit of the QD and twist it slightly. This may be a really bad idea, of course, but it’s the only way I got any of them off my TE…


For the stubborn ones, I get a pair of bent nosed pliers and a screwdriver. I grip the metal of the quick disconnect just below the crimp (don’t pull the wires) with the jaws of the pliers. Then I use the handle of a screwdriver as a fulcrum and use the pliers as a lever. They should come off easily.


thanks for the responses guys, i finally got them out with pliers and rocking back and forth.

I actually have a new problem, my frigging balltop, its on so tight that the flathead screwdriver method wont work. i had to disassemble the entire joystick to get it out, still wont come out with pliers on the shaft. ugh.