URI Fighting game scene 2.0


Hey everyone!

Trying to get networking together for casuals and tourneys in southern RI.
Ik last year was wonkey with buttonmashers and my inexperience in the scene but this year will be better!

I got a house during the college year so tourneys should be a go, its about 10-15 minutes away and theres a direct bus that drops you in front of the street.
I currently play SG and UMVC3 but im not opposed to running AE tourneys.

Lemme know if you ever wanna meet up! we got a ton of Marvel players at URI rearing to go.
See ya in the fall!


If there is money involved, I will be present in order to take said money. That is all.


URI cant give money away for tourneys

thats why i never showed up



I have a house nearby. Id be doing stuff there.
(as i said up there)


then i might show up



I’ll update this around the first week of september.


Is there anybody around that plays marvel?? Or is this campus as dead as it seems. . . . .


URI gaming team full of fraaaaaaaaaaaauds.


Has this started yet Ben?