URI Gaming Con '11 MvC 3 Tournament - 50 Lower College Road (Kingston,RI ) (03,5,11)


University of Rhode Island Gaming Con 2011 Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Tournament

When: Saturday, March 5th at 12PM
(This will be on the 2nd day of the convention)

Where: 50 Lower College Road, Kingston, Rhode Island
(There is going to be a lot of parking, there is also buses that go by here. Parking info will be given at the con.)

Fee: It cost $5 to get into the con, but the tournament itself is free. If you want in all you need to do is tell me and I will add you.

Prize: the grand prize is $60 in a Gamestop gift card, the receipt will also be included. The school will not allow me to give money in the form of cash, their rules not mine.

System: Xbox 360, with two remotes. If the number of attendees is large than I will try to muster up one more xbox. If you wish to use your own remote or fight pad feel free, in fact I recommend it.

MORE INFO : If you want to see all the info go to this page: Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More. Everything you will need to know will be on this page.

The set of the event will be determined when I have a good idea of how many people are willing to show up. It will be a bracketed event, but if there are many people it will be best of one till we drop down to a good number of people. If you wish to join in go to the facebook event page and invite yourself.


If you’re living in the New England area this event would be a good place to test your metal. Show up and show us your best.


is 50 lower college road the union or a dorm? If you can write the name of the building that would help please.


The event like the rest of the convention is inside the Union. It will most likely be in the ballroom.


Sign ins for the event will begin at 11:30AM on the 5th. This will help me see how much equipment I will need for this event.


Nice, now I don’t have to buy killzone with my own money


Also “mettle”


I can confirm at least 5 going


Thank you man, the more the better. I hope to see some nice fights.


it was pretty fun, although the freeplay after the tourney was a lot more exciting than most of the tourney matches
wish there was more stuff going on at uri that i could show up to lol

i was that asian kid btw


im sorry i made u have to buy killzone with your own money :frowning:


more play

hey would anyone from the tournament want to get together to play again sometime?

I am thinkin about getting an arcade stick and need people to practice against :smiley:


it depends where are u at in ri?


it would be at URI again, monday nights would be good for me. Anytime between 2 and 9. Or Thursday nights between 3 and 7, or anytime on the weekend.


i may be able to make a weekend day
are u playing it on ps3 or 360


i play on 360, i dont own a ps3 lol