URI Gaming Con 2012 is happening for all those near or in Rhode Island

For all you people out there the live in or near Rhode Island, next weekend during the days of 24th through 26th there will be a gaming con held by the URI Gaming Club. During this event I will be running about five fighting game tournaments. All information about this event can be found here [Feb 26, 2012] URI Gaming Con 2012 (Kingston, RI) 2/24-2/26 (Kingston, RI). Ask me about anything involving this event here or on the event page and I will tell you whatever I can to answer your questions.

Will all of the game tournaments start on Saturday? Or will some start on Sunday also? I didn’t know if you guys had a schedule yet for each game. Also, is it being held where you guys usually play?

The events will be on Friday and Saturday and I just got the times finalized for each event. On Friday we will have at 6PM BlazBlue: CSE, at 7PM KOF 13, and at 9PM or sooner we will have UMvC3. For Saturday we will have a MvC2 event at 2PM and at 3PM we will have SSF4AEv2012. The event will be in the Ball Room of the Student Union, the staff at the event will be there to help anyone who needs it. Hope to see you and others there, tell ya friends.