Uri tourny 2/24/08

no one showed besides brandon and ralph

dang! lol maybe next time.

Sounds worse than Kentucky.

Ouch! Did you post in the Boston thread? I don’t remember seeing it…

wtf with that one kid who smelt like ny system wieners and ball sweat
make that nigga shower the fuck up

Top 2?

So did JWong and Combofiend show up to this?


in 3s?

i beat ralph and brandon 41-2

jesus thats a big number considering that many games werent played


there were alot played… we played 3s for a solid hour and a half

might not have been 43 wins… but i remember 2 losses :stuck_out_tongue:

it was alot of fun though, i’m not trying to make myself look good either… i’m a scrub