Urien 2hp>236lp>light Sa3

i have a real problem pulling this out, my success rate is around 10%. I normally end up in 3 situations: 1) the fireball is held; 2) the reflector doesnt come out; 3) the fireball hits before the reflector comes out.
I find it easier to do 2hp>236mp>lp/hp Sa3, that is, easier when different punches are used for fireball and reflector.
Is there any tricks to simplify the execution? Or it’s just a matter of practice makes perfect?:wasted:

why don’t you just do cr.fierce, mk tackle?

He means blocked d.hp.

Protip: don’t mash buttons.

isnt it better to do a charge tackle then cancel it into ex aegis anyway, you should be charging for a tackle at that position regardless.

otherwise it would likely be better to use a further version of reflector because of the pushback and positioning purposes.

I had that problem as well. Simply put you’re doing it TOO FAST. Just Wait a little bit after the c.HP and then watch how you’re doing the lp fireball xx lp aegis. Practise just doing Lp Fireball xx Lp Aegis until you can do it 3 times in a row and apply.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems like a modified version of Tech’s modified midscreen aegis unblockable that’s online. Basically for those who can’t charge partition at all… so I’m assuming he’s doing c.HP launcher, LP Fireball xx LP Aegis <enemy hits aegis and bounces away>, RH Tackle cross-under and push them back into aegis, not sure 100%.