Urien buffer charge partitioning?!?!



Hello, ive seen some clips of some top players do some nice combos with Urien …etc…specialy the part where, this guy, RX, using urien in some tourney…did the 2 elbow hits ( down high punch ) then a shoulder crush, then Aegis then another shoulder crush from there he did a knee drop to go on to the other side of his opponent, in this case chunli, then right away after his knee drop he dash once then crouch for a second and did a low punch then pushed chunli into the Aegis, just before she got up, using a shoulder crush!!!
Now, wat i want to know is, how can u possibly charge for 1 sec, while he was croushing, then right after do a shoulder crush!?!?!


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It’s kinda hard to read what’s going on, but I think I know what you’re talking about. You charge during the knee drop, and during the dash. It just takes a little practice.


thnx ClosetRemy, ill try that…hopefully it will work :smiley:
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Remy, i tried charging for 2 secs while the knee drop is being excuted then the second i land from the knee drop i dash and charge for 1 sec…from there i tried doing the chariot rush…but didnt work!! RX how u do it man!!!


When you partition, you have to charge for no more than 2 sec. So all of your charging during the knee drop, dash, and c.jab, should add up to 2 sec. If you go over that, it doesn’t work.

So don’t charge for the whole knee drop, just the last half or so (about 1 sec of charge). Then get the other 1 second from the dash, jab.