Urien Grab into Aegis into Super

So I noticed something odd about grabbing into Aegis and doing the super.

Depending on how close the Aegis is to your opponent, you sometimes have to switch the direction you’re doing the qcf motion.

If the Aegis is right behind them, the best motion is actually qcf, qcb+P
If the Aegis is FAR behind them, the best motion is qcf, qcf+P

If the Aegis is middle distance behind them, I have trouble getting it. I randomly get a fireball, or the super comes out too late (if you put the opponent on tech, you’ll notice she just gets up. If the opponent doesn’t tech, they eat it always, but that’s stupid).

Does anyone have a method to land the super every single time, regardless of range?

You have to do either qcfx2 or qcbx2 depending on how close you are to the Aegis. Never had to do qcf qcb.

I’ll upload it with inputs on in a few minutes.

Edit: Alright, can’t upload right now. But basically from close, wait for the opponent to sail over your head then input the CA. If from far away, you can execute CA before opponent passes over head.

Ok that makes a lot of sense. I’ll practice that tonight and see what’s up. Thanks!