Urien in SSF4- Vote HERE

I’ve posted this up on EventHubs and Even had Gootecks reTweet this vid, so I wanted to share it with SRK.


I want Urien. I want him, I want him, aaaaand I want him.

You have my vote.

I loves me some Urien, but SFIV is such a failure to me, no way Urien could get me to play. No, not even Necro, who I love even more than Urien, could get me to play :p. And I coulda sworn charge characters got owned in that game.

its never gonna happen but he would own indeed. it wouldnt be that hard to add him now that i think about it, give seth abs and hair and make his focus go across the screen lol i was hoping they might put him in mvc 3.

Urien with no parries = :frowning:

Revamped Seth skin would be dope though.