Urien is a problem

When I watched Thongboy’s video, it seemed as if Ken was his biggest problem, using Twelve. (Forgetting Elena because I hardly ever meet people who use her) But Urien is way more difficult for me to fight against, since they can shut down IAD or even normal air dashing worse than a SRK.

Anyone here have Urien advice aside from “DON’T GET HIT BY AA FIREBALLS”?

Don’t let him get in on you try to keep him back as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to jump in the air, but mainly stay grounded. Use those EXs don’t try to save up for a big attack. I would consider this his second worse match up(Elena being first) so there isn’t really much you can do against a good Urien. Just be patient and play keep away.

Well, the only time I actually feel “safe” around Urien is right above him, since his fireball or headbutt wont be able to hit there. The Uriens I fight are also very aware of Twelve’s patience game and really know how to prevent me from doing much at all.

Let me put it this way, I respect Urien as a character in every way possible, and I pretty much loath Ken, but I’ll fight Ken over Urien any day, with Twelve that is.

use your ground poking game, then go back to some IAD stuff. if you’re getting hit by fireballs you’re IADing way too high, or too predictable with them. you wanna poke urien until he doesn’t expect your IAD.

i would say you should spend more time trying to mix him up close if anything, since if you corner yourself you have aegis to deal with and such. just remember that a lot of normals that aren’t safe against ken are safe against urien.

use his obvious anti airs to you radvantage
bait the balls
cancel the IAD
whiff IAD-HP/IAD-HK to cancel to bait the strong balls (of course you can IAD over/walk under the jab balls and also the recovery on the air dives rolls under the jab balls) to EX-needle knockdown and i seem to like to press Urien on wakeup with mixups or bait his ex moves.
for mixups i typically alternate between these (but im no expert): I go for LK>AXE hit confirm or cl. MP hit confirm or LK>cl. MK (block stun chain)>jump cancel>IAD mixup or cl. MK>jump cancel>IAD>mixup or ambigous jumping HK followed by any of the previous four options.
i dont know what do you guys think?

Lol my “biggest” attack is probably air dashing crossover HK xx XNDL. I don’t bother with the c.lk x lp A.X.E, it’s more trouble than its worth to be honest.

And if I’m feeling like luck is on my side that day, I go for a close range anti-air EX N.D.L and if I think I can manage to time it right, XNDL to follow up. It’s usually a 6 hit combo only but whatever works right :pray:

That’s my best attack also it’s really safe even if they parry it. I wouldn’t say cr. lk, lp A.X.E., X.N.D.L. isn’t worthless, but it’s hard to actually execute it. Actually, the hk crossover is the best way to execute the move IMO. With alot of practice it shouldn’t seem “worthless” anymore. It’s a given that you should be using your pokes alot. That’s one of his greatest assets (mobility being the other), but like I said try to keep him at bay and use those EX’s. The one you should use the most is “instant” EX D.R.A. it’s gdlk, trust me. It will defently help you with your IADs.

Oh I don’t have a problem with the execution, I just don’t really like doing it in general. The only time I really use it is if I haven’t done a low attack all round and I know the combo is enough to kill my opponent, other than that I just do the above set ups.

Also, if I know my opponents parrying isn’t up to par, I do an air-to-air fierce punch, and as they are landing I do XNDL so they can’t block.

as far as parries go parrying an AA or reset XNDL (SA1) is very easy (prob easiest super to full parry alon gwith hadou burst)
i wouldnt get used to that strat it leaves you wide open

deviljin pointed out that the execution for low short, A.X.E., X.N.D.L. is

low short, qcb jab, qcf punch.

you don’t need to qcf 2 times, somehow the qcb counts as a qcf.

^i beleive he rescinded that comment
it is a myth

Yeah, I’ve tried that a million times and it never works. I always had to do 2xQCF.

What do they do to prevent your patience game?

What is it Urien is doing that’s hitting you?

I think this match-up depends MASSIVELY on the Urien player, I have to change the way I play depending on the habits of the other player. Some are very aggressive (random shoulders xx Aegis), some sit back and turtle. What exactly is it the Urien player is doing that’s hitting you?

Some general stuff:

  • It’s better to play defensively than offensively in this match-up I think. The Urien players I play say it’s easier to do tackle combos on Twelve (not the unblockable set-up but the shoulder combo that takes Twelve to the corner), so one mistake will usually cost you the round.

  • In the corner, Urien can do the kneedrop unblockable on Twelve. To get out of it, parry towards the wall then hold towards the wall. This will parry the kneedrop then have Twelve block the Aegis. Safest way out.

  • If you’re in the corner and Urien puts the Aegis in front of you to trap you, you can:

  1. Neutral jump, air dash over the Aegis

  2. Neutral jump, EX dive

  3. X.N.D.L.

  4. is generally the best choice but can be a bit risky if telegraphed, Urien’s main weapon to fight this is jumping HP, which resets you back into the corner. 2) is the safest way out but costs meter. 3) is usually a guess but if Urien does the Aegis from dash distance or more away from the Aegis itself, it’s HIGHLY likely he’ll dash in to follow up, which is when the random super will work. If you guess wrong, though, you’ll waste a whole bar AND Urien gets a free shoulder.

  • DON’T attack Urien when he is in the corner if he has meter. Build meter yourself, NDL, fly away, st.HK, cr.MK, anything from range. If you fly in and get parried, he’ll throw your ass in the corner and stick an Aegis over your head.

  • Be very careful air-dashing because of the metallic spheres. EX N.D.L. will hit a Urien firing random spheres and give you a chance to taunt, build meter or change your position on the screen.

  • Urien has an anti-air ‘blind spot’ directly above his head or so, he can’t do a lot to hit you here if you’re already above him. Air dash > A.X.E. and air dash > HK are relatively safe here. Just don’t get too predictable.

  • If you turn invisible, wait to see what Urien does. Some panic and go for a full screen shoulder, which is easy to parry even when invisible.

  • If Urien likes to random headbutt, work st.HP into your game more. It stuffs headbutts and also hits Urien out of his dash because he’s so tall, the hitbox on st.HP is really good (though it’s vulnerable to stuff like Urien’s cr.HK). Don’t abuse it, just remember you have it.

  • Urien, in my opinion, is the easiest character in the game to land an anti-air X.N.D.L. on. The jump is really floaty, the angle is shallow, he can’t get out of trouble once you super like, say, Necro can. Always be ready to punish Urien’s jumps with a super!

Personally, I find the Ken match-up the worst for Twelve, followed by Urien. You will lose. A lot. But play patiently and wait for Urien to make mistakes. See what he does to close the distance and learn to stop that from happening - Urien’s goal in this match-up is to get close to Twelve because besides landing a lucky random metallic sphere (which shouldn’t happen), he needs to get close to do damage. So analyse what he’s doing to get close!

Hope this helps.

All that actually did help, thank you very much!

Mikee_Showbiz’s post covered lots of great points. There isn’t much I can add except for my opinion of airdashing in this matchup. Urien’s tackles and spheres are way too dangerous to get caught by when you’re gliding about, so my solution is to keep it to a bare minimum. There are real benefits to fishing for parries from empty jumps, and obviously you’re not going to be parrying anything when you’re flapping about. One trick I use which throws some Uriens off is to parry a sphere while in mid-jump, and then airdash from the parry. In my experience it’s waaaaaaay safer than trying to avoid the crap being flung at you while you’re in dash-state. This sets you up to get on top of the bastard and get stuck in with some damage.

Damn I can’t believe it has already been a year…

I use AXE a lot in this match, with proper spacing he doesn’t really have any answers for it.

Lol. As long as you don’t x-copy Urien you are fine: [media=youtube]UbF7GQOF6s4[/media]

Urien is one of the more viable characters to use XCOPY against actually…