Urien Matchups

I would appreciate some strats for Ibuki and Makoto…:wgrin:

Ibuki: Block…everything.

Makoto: Jump straight up…and block everything.

Ibuki: Dont press buttons

If you press buttons you DIE.

omg Urien can air-block?!

Have never ever played a single Ibuki player here, since… i’m the only person i know that would willingly hover over her in Char Select.

Makoto though, best bet is to jump away and if you were to attack at all alternate between j.RH, MP and HP. Just have the mindset that if Makoto parries you on a jump-in, you’re dead. Watch your pokes considering Urien has like 1 Chain you won’t be using unless you want to get get grabbed out of your thong. If you have the chance to do anything, do it, but know that most likely you will not be doing any combos the entire match. And one last word of advice, if Makoto is half a screen from you, for your sake and benefit, don’t throw that dinky fireball.

That’s sad. Toronto’s supposed to be having a big tournament and not one Ibuki player in all of Toronto? Man…somebody hook me up with a free plane ticket to T7. :lol:

Toronto has about 2 or 3 really good Ibukis (as main), and a few other players can use her as a casual side character. Xiii just doesn’t play at the major arcade. But like pretty much all places outside of Japan, Ibuki isn’t a common character here.

Believe it or not, Urien can reverse any blocked non-EX hayate with a clean c.fierce if you’re close enough. If you’re going to use j.HK a lot, try to hit right at the tip so that you can’t get grabbed if it gets parried. Standing HP, MK, and c.MK seem to work really well for me against Makoto. Don’t use something laggy (like a sweep or upward sphere) too often because dash into karakusa seems to be a favourite for most Makotos if you miss. And be really cautious when you corner her, because HP xx SA2 can hit Urien from further away than most other characters. I wouldn’t bother getting fancy with the partitioning, because headbutts don’t hit Makoto when she’s on the ground.

You also have quite a range of corner unblockables to choose from against her, with the most damaging being c.HP, LK tackle, MP sphere, HK tackle, MK tackle xx aegis -> unblock.

Sorry though, I can’t remember the last time I played Ibuki with Urien, so no comment there.

Oh ok…I figured there were a few at least in the big arcade. Tell them to rep the Ibuki power. Oh and yeah…I know how to fight against Urien…but I couldn’t tell you how Urien really goes about beating Ibuki. It’s a hard fight for Urien cuz he gets hit by all of Ibuki’s pokes. Like all of them. She can outpoke him out of about everything he has. Far s.HP is not bad but once she closes the gap you’re gonna wanna try to sneak in a LP headbutt to get past her low pokes and get a throw in.

This is one of those matchups where a knocked down Ibuki is better than one that’s using footsies and jumping in on you with kunais. Whatever you can find to parry or utilize to knock her down will be important. This is mainly because once you connect that AA sphere or throw on her…she will take tons of damage soon afterwards. You only need to hit Ibuki with a couple combos to have her gasping for air. It’s just getting her to that point that’s the hard part.