Urien Questions thread

doesnt seem to be a thread for just random questions about urien so ima ask this one here

  1. Is it possible to cancle the second hit of an EX Tackle to aegis? i tried it earlier and it didnt seem to work, is it just strict timing or cannot be done?

  2. Whats the timing for uriens cr.HP(first hit)xxLP fireballxxMP aegis in the corner? i can only seem to get it one out of every few times i try it, i never really used it in my gameplay but its something i think i should be able to do on command, just in case. also, after that hits, what is the rest of the combo?

thx fellas

  1. Nope

  2. Timing depends on spacing. If you’re too close it wont work. Emphy was talking about this on his interview with Gootecks. He said its a really nice trick to have, and I’ve always used it before, I feel its pretty neat trick too. Just make sure your at the right distance, like a blocked cr.jab distance away. You just do cr.fierce, lp sphere, then another qcf + punch. If they block its an insane mixup, and if it connects it combos perfectly. When it combos on Shotos I use cr.fierce xx roundhouse shoulder then continue afterwards, on everyone else I like to use st.MP xx roundhouse shoulder

so distance is an issue. got it

ill practice that a little more and see if i cant get a feel for it.


About ur first question, if ur using SA I, you can do an EX Tackle and ‘link’ SA I after it. AS for canceling after the 2nd hit, that is not possible.

Yeah EX Tackle is +1 on hit, which is just enough to link EX SA3, it might ONLY work on crouching, I’m not too sure. Why you would ever want to do this ever is beyond me.

For 2, literally MASH out the super, until you understand the timing, it’s really awkward, something like the LP fireball can’t be hitting but it has to be out. Oh, and the timing changes if they block or get hit by it.

someone should post up a parry faq for parrying uriens most popular unblockables.

there is a couple i have trouble parrying and SB3 is around the corner

urien v urien can be tough if your unsure on how to escape

its just like down down down throw fwd back throw if he does it at a range he kind of gets a huge advantage.

I have a question concerning his corner setup when Urien cancels tackle into lp. aegis. Following this I have seen some players jump up or towards and then dash partition into kneedrop. the problem I am having is jumping into the opponent, I either jump and the go over or under me. Is there a specific time when to jump or how to jump, I have no issues with the dash partition afterwards. Could this be character specific? Help!

No, its not character specific, although the timing of when to jump up + toward is based on how they hit the aegis.

You make the jump when they hit the Aegis, so make sure not to do it too late/early. Its easy to get down and you’ll have it down in no time, just a matter of experience

Does anyone know why sometimes my midscreen unblockable headbutts dont properly cross over? It seems like half of the time, the headbutt doesn’t have enough range to pass their body. This even happens with the RH knee drop ones as well. Am I doing it too fast or late?

If you do the midscreen unblockable just right, that means perfect timing, it will work fine. But, if you do the tackle after the cr.fierce a bit too late, and then when you roundhouse tackle them into aegis, the aegis adds an extra hit, so when you headbutt it doesn’t make it over

Try waiting a sec before headbutting if this happens