Urien Tech - Illuminati Approved!

Everything ending up in the Urien thread is becoming a pain to read and search through.

If you like twitter, bunch of retweets of Urien clips and vids: https://twitter.com/SFV_URIEN

You can react to Nash’s V-Reversal with V-Trigger and punish
Round start M Tackle hits meaty

So I can’t get meaty CH M tackle to link to cHP. I think it should work but maybe there’s a hard cap since a Non CH meaty M tackle links to crMP.


EX Knee vid I came across

M Tackle stuff from myself

Round start is perfect spacing for some characters

Beating V-reversal vid was on the front page

it is becoming a pain to read the urien thread
i have a headbutt loop
the spacing is really specific and the headbutt has to hit meaty for it to work. you can make the last headbutt ex for more set ups etc

LOL Urien tech… It’s a gimmick but a high damage one and a true mixup… But it’s unsafe so beware of course… I’ve been running through online opponents with this gimmick:

Jump (blocked) land, wait a frame or two> headbutt.

Use whatever version you desire. People flowchart the grab tech after blocking a late jumpin, and since the timing off a jumpin is a smaller tech window than off most tick throws, people tend to tech fast after blocking a jumpin. The headbutt is completely throw invincible and it’s slowness makes it the perfect tech beater. If the opponent stands then they block it and you are all good.

But if they duck it and are a good player you are going for a ride. But basically think of this like daigos hurricane kick tech beater.

Some other things to note:

H headbutt will combo into super (so dirty) no scratch that, this DOES NOT work if the opponent quicktechs.
L headbutt leaves the opponent standing in a perfect position to throw them, or better yet… Headbutt their asses again (I’ve hit people with 3 headbutts in a row cause they keep teching…LOL)

If you don’t want to go that far… And I suggest you don’t, you can just go for a nice Cr.lp>Cr.mp confirm… Or really any confirm you choose.

This is a gimmick because if the opponent sniffs it out, you can go for a ride… So try not to rely on it… LOL

Have fun

Howdy fellow Uriens! So I’ve been a Zangief player since launch pretty much and the transition to Urien hasn’t been too bad so far. I’m having a little trouble in my frametrap game and was hoping you guys could help me out a bit. I see that Urien has some interesting tick throws, but some guys seem to tech everything! As a Zangief main, I’d mix in some headbutts to stop people jumping, so I never really had to do anything to stop the teching of regular throws.

What can I do frametrap wise to punish people for teching? I’ve tried stepping back and throwing out the back hk but that seems hit or miss. Also…what would you say are his best frametraps overall? Like what should I use on a dash on or on my opponent’s wakeup? Thanks so much!

StMP is the God button, CH 3f jabs if you do crMP which CH links to fMP. If you block string stMP stLK it is far enough to use stHP and get a CC. stLK is +2 on block iirc.

fMP is my favorite button.

Alot of what Urien is about is fmp mixups. It would be godlike if it was only -4

But the mixup of fmp then:

  1. Overhead
  2. Low
  3. Throw
  4. Do nothing

Is really good. Particularly the throw mixup with the high.

Dude I am loving the stMP stLK and stHP trap! I got quite a few cc’s off of that tonight. Thanks so much!

Which low are you using after fmp?

Cr.lk against mashers, cr.mk against people that are just trying to block.

To prove how good the mixup is, just record yourself doing dash into target combo on one recording and dash into Fmp>cr.lk on another recording and let them play and see what it’s like to try and block on reaction or with timing

I need someone to test this out as I’m getting the same results over and over again, but my execution isn’t the best… So far tested this against ken and chun works on 3 framers and 4 framers WORKS ON BACK TECH AND NEUTRAL TECH:

Cr.hp xx h fireball>h tackle>dash>wiff cr.lk then immediate fmp.

Covers chuns 3 frame cr.lp on both back rise and quickrise. On CH combos into st.mp (only on backrise) and there is enough time to get a charge to confirm into h tackle again (but the frame advantage changes here so it isn’t loopable)

Besides that nice bit of tech, the REAL tech here is that if timed right, since fmp has 4 active frames it can cover both normal and quickrise…

Note that it doesn’t actually hit meaty versus quickrise. The thing is that you only need to cover the 3rd frame after quickrise, since that is the frame the opponents fastest move becomes active.

From there with just a 3 active frame move, if the move has enough range it con cover both rises:

Move hits on opponents 3rd wakeup frame covering the jab on the quickrise.

But if the opponent backrise they will be 5 frames slower.

Now the move that was active on the 3rd frame of quickrise is also active on the 4th frame and also active on the 5th frame… So only 3 actives are needed to cover both rises… But uriens fmp has FOUR ACTIVES.

And it gets even better if that isn’t good enough for you:

Because uriens fmp is 7 frame startup and hits somewhere around the opponents 3rd frame of quickrise…

That means that if you do a throw instead… It hits on the 1st frame of quickrise… Yeah that’s right. This setup also throws quickrise (doesn’t throw backrise though so be careful)

So that’s a pretty powerful oki setup.

If the opponent insists on back rising then urien is at +frames on blocked fmp after a backrise.

Someone pls test this for me to see if my numbers are correct :slight_smile: as it works perfectly in training mode.

Cool, will definitely play with that. I’ve noticed on blocked max range fMP’s that I can standing lk and stuff jab. However, anything less than that range on the fMP doesn’t seem to have a follow up without getting jabbed. I’m guessing you’re conditioning them to block the overhead before trying to mix up with it?

edit: grammar

If they press anything and you did overhead, they get hit. It’s a perfect frame trap iirc. That’s what sets them up to do nothing. You just have to see what kind of player they are. Me personally I like to reversal out of that mixup when it’s being used in an obvious way. Other people will want to block out, and others will mash.

I haven’t played anyone enough to really get a bead for how people react to it over the course of several games.

Right I wasn’t considering the actual overhead follow up. I guess if they eat that a few times, they’ll be more inclined to try and block which opens them up for the tick throw/low game. Will definitely be testing that tonight. Thanks so much for answering my noob questions lol


That mixup definitely works out nice! Saw a great shimmy online before and thought I’d share. Do a point blank stLK and take about half a step back and crouching hp will hit into full juggle combo should the other guy try to throw after the blocked stLK.

Someone did this on me online, wanted to share

Yo this is Mika levels of mind fuckery. Cant wait to test it out