Urien: The SFIV Equivalent

I’m a fairly avid Third Strike player and I absolutely love to play as Urien.

My question is simply what character do you all feel is the most like him in gameplay aspects. I’m just starting to play SFIV more seriously and I’ve been trying to find a replacement for him. I have tried all the characters, but I was hoping someone’s thoughts might give me a new point of few on the cast.

So far I really enjoy Cody, Adon and Seth, but none of them feel quite right. Any thoughts?

lol seriously if anyone gives you any suggestions they are pulling them out of their ass. nobody plays like urien in SF4 (at least as far as juggles, charge partitioning, unblockables)

I think your best bet is an easy charge character.

Maybe Seth because he looks similar to Urien?

Seth has quite a few of the same normals as Urien (cr.HP, st.MP, cst.HK, st.MK, f.HK?) but he plays quite differently. But I think you are better off finding a 3S character and playing them, as they have similarities to their 3S counterparts.