Urien unblockable

How do I parry his Tackle xx Aegis + Shooting Star Press unblockable?

And how do I know when I can block it if he messed up the execution?


You mean corner unblockable?? Parry towards the corner from there it is somewhat character specific for weither they land behind you or in front of you and if you can punish.

The corner uh becomes pretty much worthless once you know how to parry out.

Parry towards the corner?

I’ve been trying to low parry all this time. Fail lol

Parrying down in the corner is the fail version. The idea is that parrying down will make the knee knock you down instead of unblocking but thats bad cause then you’re knocked down in the corner vs urien with hits of aegis still on you.

Corner ub is so 2004. But most players don’t know the secret to parry toward the wall!

Parry towards the wall and then go neutral, or some shit, right? Cause the block animation pulls you back into the Aegis.

It’s situational. After the first parry, you kinda just gotta feel it.

I set it up on mak and played with it

At least for Mak it looks like she can punish it with throw after parring twice (both parries can be high and towards the corner or the second can be down parried) whether Urien lands in the corner or out.

i’m assuming by feel it you mean feeling urien’s big fists slam into your body after you fail to parry/block.

What about midscreen unblockable? any direction > guess attack > any direction?

I’m pretty sure if Urien does the f.mk unblockable it’s towards (Urien), away, forward, forward… I think. Dunno about the low hitting one though.

If Urien does f.mk for midscreen unblockable, parry down once and the f.mk should push you out of the Aegis setup. Unless he set it up wrong (which is why I get away with it a lot).

Did you just call a successful aegis set up the wrong aegis?




So, for the corner unblockable you can parry once towards the corner, once down, and then throw.
For the simplest midscreen unblockable:

  • (if he goes for f+mk) you can parry down, towards urien, down, throw
  • (if he goes for cr.lk) you can parry down, down, down, throw

Can’t say for the fancier setups, but these work for everyone AFAIK


Did the parry auto-correct? because Kuroda parried *away *from corner here.


Damn, Urien eats a full combo after parry.

Pretty sure Ryu just faces that way. Haven’t you ever parried a crossup and stayed facing the other direction before? Same thing

Yea Kuroda parried towards the wall.

Hey Ryan, does that rule only apply if he’s doing the unblockable setup with the roundhouse tackle?

I know I come off as that asshole that only chimes to correct mistakes but…

You won’t get a guaranteed throw after that second situation. The reason being that short will recover long before that third down parry.

How do I delete comments? Lol

For the people specifying to parry down during midscreen UB, is there a reason? I’m pretty sure I parry any direction most of the time, outside of urien’s breaking attack