Urien vids

Ok so im into urien and i have a few vids but wanna know what all you urien heads think are the best urien vids about ???:tup:


team whales

RX. The guys makes urien into some next character.

Ok people lokl i asked what the best vids were not the people that made them yea i know Rx is sick , so are team whales , i want vid names and locations if poss :tup:

RX has a relatively new video up at www.combovideos.com but you have to be a member to dl.

Always check www.video-opera.com if your looking for 3s stuff and anything else fighting game related.

RX has a website with tons of his videos but I cant remember the link.

http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/maochan/ (main page)

Hey Phix, you should check out some of the older Ranbats on godweapon. It’s still RX doing his thing, but he does some awesome stuff that you don’t see in any of the newer ranking battles. Give me a while to download all the Urien goodness above and I’ll dig out some exact links for you.

EDIT: Gah, they have all their video downloads disabled because they’re running close to their bandwidth quota :frowning:


Under movies Street Fighter 3. All of the GamersVision videos (last page) have excellent Uriens (RX, Pierre, Seneka).

Yea ive seen every thing on godweapon lol check out the video thread here we like to hoarde vids lol http://www.greenhillzone.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=1378 :tup:

that pagefreet has some great vids

man that ex knee drop on yun for the unblockable was sick :slight_smile: