Urien vs Chun li

When Chun Li does ex spinningbird kick but you block it, what can you do to hit her back? Or better, whats the best way and with the most damage you can beat it out. Just wanted to know. Appreciate any help.

Reversal SA1
and nothing else.

well timed sMp and uoh work too

but he was talking about punishing a blocked one, I believe

Magical red parry and then punish.

Ok. I kinda thought so. Like DJ said. Red Parry.

Meaty St. Fierce,two steps back St.round house, and universal over head. All of these stuff it clean

if urien keeps his distance whats the best way to get to him, without jumping, SBK seems like spamming, and c.mk is always getting whiffed and punished.
wiffing S.HP also gets pwnd. advices/?

my thoughts exactly

Play Urien more :badboy:

why are you going offensive on urien unless you already have a knockdown/anti-air, a good chun keeps urien OUT until she has a clear opening to do mixups :confused:

regardless, if you’re fishing for c.MKs, hes probably hovering outside of range. what you do in that situation is the SAME THING. hover outside of poke range until he wiffs, then punish with c.MK xx super, or just regular super. if you’re flat out whiffing s.HP you’re not doing it CLOSE enough, yous hould be doing it inbetween c.MK and wiff range, so if he moves out of c.MK, he will get tagged by s.HPs, otherwise, don’t throw them out unless you’re tagging a whiffed normal.

if hes hovering, you have the advantage btw, he can’t fireball, he can’t tackle aegis unless its EX (you can super through it), and the only way he can reliably get aegis pressure on you without a knockdown is getting a corner tackle or fireball cancel off, and even then, he needs to nail a perfect aegis otherwise you can corner jump out.
but if you’re being out normaled, rethink your gameplan.

thanks alot man, im comming for u phix :wink: