Urien vs Elena

Ok yesterday, I played against an Elena player that completely destroyed me on 2DF. It was almost like the very second Elena got close, boom, match over. Because I couldn’t figure out anything to out poke her with up close, or at least something to give myself some space. It was very frustrating.

What are some good strategies against Elena? Part of it might be that before yesterday, I had only faced 1 other Elena ever, so I don’t have a lot of experience against her.

When I started with urien, I came acoss with the exact problem against elena!
It came as a shock, due to fact she was always obliterated when with my ryu!

I still don’t know mutch of this match-up but I sugest block to charge to punish certain attacks and pokes with LK tackle!
HP sphere for anti-air and HP headbutt!
HP/EX headbutt to go to her back in mixups for throw sequences!

hope it does some help!

I remember this matchup came up in the Elena thread. You might want to check that out.

take risks, consider the fact that her options are: do lots of damage (high parriable, or take a huge risk) or just lead into a knockdown for negligable damage (sweeps, throws).

like, you win if you nail a high parry… and she loses for trying to do damage lol. always mix it up but every once in a while just say “fuck it” imo.

most good players can react to her overheads pretty easily, her kara throw and throw feints are the only things to worry about ideally, treat those the same as if you were playing a good chun (things like hover, just out of karathrow range c.MP hitconfirms are going to give you hell).

you can red parry almost all of her good special moves, 90% of them are multi-hit.

also, LP fireballs are hella good from far away.

I haven’t faced a lot of Elena’s, but here goes

Watch out for her multi hitting specials. Like henaki said, there not too hard to red parry but I advise you either parry all the hits, or just plain block. Watch out for her wild pokes and overheads, her kara throw is pretty dangerous too. Her overhead special is so annoying. A good midscreen Elena combo is cr.fierce x2, RH Tackle to drive her into the corner. BnB corner combo is the same as Chun, lk tackle, lp sphere, lk/mk tackle. Best midscreen UB is cr.fierce x2, ex headbutt, dash under, jab aegis. If Elena quick rolls, she gets caught in the aegis, and if she doesn’t, same result. Needs good execution

So, i advise to downblock a lot of her pokes and specials, and remember to change stance when you see those overheads. Look for a parry opportunity and use the combos I posted above. Hope this helps

I always do the dash under tackle unblockable on Elena. It’s easy and consistent once you know the following: The first tackle can’t be too late or it wont work (i use lk strength btw). Second, you don’t wanna wait after the dash. If you wait a moment or two, you’ll collide into Elena instead of going under her. This is what makes performing the unblockable on Elena different than performing it on other characters. Notice I said different, not harder. It doesn’t have to be super efficient like the shoto midscreen. Once you know how it’s done, it’s not hard at all. And there’s plenty of time for the guard break with f.mk.

I played a couple sessions with an Elena player during the school year. We probably played ~200 matches. I’d say just play it careful and don’t loose you cool. Don’t chase her by dashing or tackling. She surprisingly has trouble with your c.mk and hp is good as always. I dunno…i played the matchup very carefully and although the rounds were very long, I seldom lost a match.

Nice info Chocobo! :tup: Whats the UB you described there? Could you explain in more detail, I don’t quite get it

Stephen1’s elena is beastly. Canadian 3s:sweat:

fire chocobo described the dash tackle ub that you use on dudley and such.

Thx for all the help guys. Much appreciated. :tup:

i find st hp is your best friend in this match up keeps her at bay till you get her cornered then proceed to killing her lol

i like to stay safely out of throw range and poke (standing strong and fierce beat alot of her shit, occasional forward for suprise hit)