Urien VS. Urien

me and my brother have been playing 3s for a long time now…i learn all the tricks, ie links combos unblockables…he doesn’t…he just sticks to the basics yet he always seems to beat me when we both pick Urien…whats a good startegy to beat a solid basic Urien player…

When I play against Urien, I never/rarely jump so as to not get hit by fireballs. Maybe try not rushing down and just waiting for him to tackle so you can parry -> unblockable. And learn how to poke because that’s probably what you’re lacking.

The way your brother beats you is a perfect example of how a good combo-based Urien is basically JUST AS GOOD as a good, basic, poke-based Urien. A PERFECT Urien knows how to combine both.

Basically, just out poke. In fact, you don’t really even need to OUT poke. You just need to be on the same level or so. Those combos or unblockables push you a little more past your brother if the poking game comes to a draw or so.