Urien Vs Yun

Like the Vs Makoto thread :wgrin:
Post your techniques/ideas/strategies against Yuns.

-If not abused, st.HK is a good anti-air and usually dissuades them from doing many dice kicks in a row; it also stuffs his wake-up options; but remember not to abuse it because they’ll parry it and then it’s “123Genei”

-When I land a cr.HP against a non-cornered Yun, I usually have 5 options, depending on meter:

      -tackle followed by taunt
      -EX headbutt followed by headbutt then keep dashing to cross up if they tech roll
      -tackle xx HP Aegis, dash back, d+MK * 2, HK Knee drop in order to put Yun between Aegis and Urien
      -EX headbutt, LK Tackle (do it very quickly to send then the other way = behind Urien) xx HP Aegis; HK Kneedrop and the Headbutt if they don't tech roll or partitioned dash forward HP headbutt if they tech roll
      -EX Headbutt, lp sphere cancelled to HP Aegis; st. MP cancelled by MK Tackle (the st. MP pushes Yun towards the Aegis and the MK tackle allows you to put Yun between Aegis and Urien

-EX Headbutt is a rewarding move if landed, try to use it against their dive kicks too

-During Genei Jin, I try to d+lp, or EX Headbutt, or EX Tackle sometimes.

What is the best mid-screen unblockable option for yun? I usually go for the dash back, kneedrop version, but i’ve heard it ain’t the best.

Also, does anyone bother going for corner unblockables with yun? Or do you just rely on good corner aegis pressure?

After a c.fierce, I’ll use this midscreen unblockable, or close variation to it.

I go for the corner unblockables against Yun. Hell, I go for them against all characters (even Akuma D:). The chances of them successfully avoiding the unblockable is much lower then that of a 50/50 of a high/low guessing game. It’s definitely worth it, because even if you miss the corner setup, you’d still have enough time to 50/50 them.

for midscreen i usually do tackle hp aegis then dash partition forward hk kneedrop and then dash forward forward mk if they didnt tech roll, if they tech rolled u still land before yun gets up but u have to do high and low mix ups if timed right youd get more damage from the ping pong combo and btw zerve ur avatar kills

just corner yun and do aegis mixups, dont unblock unless it will kill him or hes dumb and cant escape the ghetto one.

use the meter intensive one if it will kill him.

standing hk can sometimes beat divekicks if you do it early enough.

low parry is the best os when he wakes up

dont red parry unless you’re sure it will work.

f.Hp kinda sucks because yuns got a lot of ways to just flat out beat it before it comes out.

jump up hk/mp is really useful.

always be ready to parry forward if hes outside c.MK range, you can generally get a free forward parry into whatever for free on reaction, all his moves are slow enough to react forward parry or see him jump.

depending on positioning, if you get a dive kick parry you want to:
standing MP
walk up throw
or lp reset shenanigans

if you are ABSOLUTELY SURE (if you dont you will eat a full GJ combo generally), he will do a command throw in GJ, LP have LP headbutt stored, and do it, it means a free throw. you NEED to detect a pattern in his command throws to do this, do not attempt otherwise unless you are desperate or insane.

standing HP is really good in this matchup imo, it stuffs all of his rush moves pretty clean and generally has better priority than a lot of his moves.

Remember to throw out j.RH like a WHORE! That move is God against thos twins. Use it when jumoing back for added effect. When your being beaten down in the corner, and they go for a tick>>throw, when they go to throw, use RH Kneedrop. Its also best to follow it up with a jab headbutt. If iy misses, it whiffs and your safe, and if it connects, you can get a corner unblockable if you have meter.

I would never use kneedrop vs a Genei Jin yun period.

Sorry, do you mean follow the kneedrop with a jab headbutt? Or do a headbutt instead of the kneedrop? I don’t get how either of those can set up a corner unblock provided that you’re lucky enough to get out of the corner or land a throw.

After parrying a dive kick I personally don’t see the value in doing LP reset, because Urien is all charge moves. If you dash the only thing you can reliably do is a throw. I wouldn’t give up a potential knockdown just for a low poke/f+HP/throw mixup.

I’m pretty sure he means headbutt after the kneedrop if you are cornered, which is meaningless if they tech roll.

No, I mean Kneedrop out of the corner, then Yun/Yang is cornered. Thne jab headbutt. If it whiifs, you get meter and are safe, and if it connects, you now have Yun/Yang in the corner and ready for rushdown, if you have meter

@ Henaki: No way, I didn’t mean against a Geni Jin Yun, I meant against a Yun or Yang who is tick throwing or blatantly giving you rushdown in the corner with close pokes. Kneedrop against Geni Jin is suicide. During Geni Jin I try and just block happy, sticking out a limb is guranteed death

Also, if you have the meter, I advise try this: cr.Fierce, EX Headbutt, then forward tackle. This knocks Yun/Ynag into the opposing corner, and again, sets the ideal scene for Urien to press a winning advantage

Best midscreen on twins is Tackle, cancelled to Fierce Aegis(start partitioning./charging for the kneedrop, dash back, cr.MK(whilest charging), immediate rh.kneedrop, dash, jab headbutt, then push them into the aegis

Mostly in the corner you will try and use presuure. A very useful substitute for a corner UB is a neat little trick I posted here on the Urien board. You can check it here


The only real corner UB on twins is jab aegis in corner after tackle(s), jump toward, dash, partitioned RH kneedrop, requires timing.

whiffing lp headbutt is NOT safe

Indeed, but in this particular setup it is. When you get out of corner with RH Kneedrop, your a good distance from your opp. And b/c you can do a jab headbutt after RH kneedrop immediateley, its damn safe. Don’t abuse it tho. I like it cause RH kneedrop crosses up the opp and kinda makes them lose input, ie, you switch sides so reacting is harder for them,not to mention that any move that they do after that kneedrop will be seen amile away, so even after a jab headbutt, you pretty much come out on top. also the jab headbutt comes out straight away and is pretty damn good. I’ve seen RX use this, and this is where I got it from

its actually pretty ok during genei jin pressure. not something you want to do all the time, but it works every now and then.

the one thing i hate about the twins is the whiff divekick jump back fierce which seems to hit urien no matter what.:shake:

Vicious… I like it :badboy:
I suppose this also automatically tech-throws in they attempt a regular throw, but what if they go for zenpou tenshin? I’ll try it later

dunno if any body else uses this little mix up trick but i use it all the time against yun and others such as chun, throw yun in the corner lp reflector uoh cross up then you have a free elbow but keep in mind it will only work if yun does not quick stand in the corner youd be surprised how often this trick work , i saw pierre do it while he beasted some yun in sbo4

yes very useful, but as you said only works if they don’t roll; also works on Necro.

Well very few people will quick stand in the corner since this usually means you can cross them up while they are doing this

see i knew it as lammbock said many people dont i think i used this trick on your yang , o an it works makoto tweleve an few other, also keeping in mind if some down parries your unblockable out of the selected cast as i mentioned you can try the uoh trick to cross them up an get another free elbow.
But back to the matter at hand the use of standing hp becomes apparent in your success in this match up as it will stuff many of yuns attacks when used in the correct range as it stuff many of kens mother fudging annoyin links but yh the an down mk an st rh will mean if u live or die in this match lol