Urien vs...

hi, i just had a couple of questions about how to go about fighting a couple of characters, also i guess this thread could be a general thread too.

vs hugo

i dont understand this matchup and what advantage do i have in general. i played some hugos and it seems that i cant jump in at all unless its an empty jump in, but i cant do that everytime though.

it also seems like his pokes beat mine, ground to ground that is, how should i fight him?

other prob is against alex, i think all his pokes beat mine, ground to ground, and my prob is i dont feel like i can build meter safely because of his hand swipe move, i was thinking of jumping back and roundhouse alot, is this a good strat,


Against Hugo, there’s literally nothing he can do about MP fireballs except parry them. Even standing. So depending on the parrying ability of your opponent, you’ll either school him or just keep him reasonably locked down. It’s like Doom vs Juggernaut in Marvel. You mostly just need to keep him under control and off of you, and use long range ‘safe’ pokes like low MK or low RH to beat his. If he’s not using SA1, then You can just build meter and go into an RH tackle xx 3Punch Aegis setup to push him into the corner and get some damage on him. After that the burden of winning is on him, you can do whatever you want. Just keep calm and slow the match down, don’t let him move unless you want him to. Also, jump-back RH will kick him in the head and get you out of the way at the same time, so use it if you get too close to him.

For Alex, it’s a pain because he doesn’t juggle properly so your damage is limited. I’d say make liberal use of jab headbutts to keep from getting powerbombed, and just don’t be too obvious about when you’re building meter. Likesay, use standing strong or standing fierce a couple of times, but charge partition while you’re doing them so you can hit him with an EX tackle or a quick kneedrop if he does anything. It’s a really rough match, but not impossible. Just poke him out and push him back with Reflectors.


yo thanks alot for the help.

would you go as far as to say that uriens headbutt can stop alexs wake up game? or should i keep calm and pay attention?

and what pokes do i have that can beat his?

Headbutts beat Alex’s powerbomb, but not his regular attacks…so do not overuse headbutts or be clever when using them.
The best option to me is to keep your distance and be able to pressure him(with reflectors for instance). I also reckon that he doe not have any good low attack.
Anyway, I have pbs with Alex too so I will let experts answer for the rest. :smiley:

I only know one expert on this subject - exodus.

He claims that Urien has an advantage over Alex.

What I can say is watch out for Alex’s EX elbow. Usually, when Urien is charging bar with standing strongs, you don’t really need to watch the opponent. What I mean is that as long as the opponent is pretty far away, you have time to react by blocking or parrying whatever he throws at you. (exception : Ken. Sucks to catch a low MK -> super while charging bar)

Alex is an exception. His EX elbow is really fast - he can catch you in between your standing strongs. And then you’re on the ground, and he’s on top of you.

Hot tip : watch Alex. Sometimes it’s obvious that he’s waiting to throw an EX elbow. If he’s just crouching there, stop charging bar like an idiot. If he’s walking backwards, stop charging bar like an idiot. If he’s spamming MPs, stop charging bar like an idiot.

Anyway, this is a mistake I used to make. I imagine that some other Uriens can make this same mistake too.

Nice to know Exodus plays 3S and smokes crack. Alex is my hardest fight in the game, hands down. I would rather fight Chunli and Yun all fucking day long, than face one Alex.

Ok, maybe that came across a little jackass like. What I should have said was, “I disagree.” Which I do. Alex seems to be my hardest matchup. :o

I would love Exodus to explain how Urien has an advantage over him. Cuz from what I’ve fought, and what I’ve seen, he doesn’t seem to have one.

Jive Out!

Alex doesn’t juggle properly, Hyperbomb beats standard Aegis Unblockables, EX Elbow beats the crap out of Urien’s lanky-ass limbs, and Alex has sick wakeup where Urien has essentially none. It’s pushing it to say one could break even in this matchup.


even RX says that Alex isn’t easy.

The best thing Urien can do vs Alex is j roundhouse from maximum range.
maximum range crouch forward is also decent, as is standing Fierce.
Alex outprioritizes almost everything… it’s hard to pressure him, unless you have an Aegis already out… and turtling dosn’t seem to be effective either

even Random tackle xx Aegis is less of an option against Alex than vs other characters… countless times my shoulders have been stuffed by random pokes

Add that even when you get him you don’t deal big damage since he doesn’t juggle properly.

Never ever throw a sphere unless you’re sure he’s not charged. You’ll eitehr eat an ex elbow or an EX stomp.
And the susequential wakeup.

Learning to parry EX elbow (even better, red-parrying the second hit) helps quite a bit, but still doesn’t make the match easy.

Second worst match for Urien imho, next only to Makoto.

I’d rather fight Ken/Yun/Chun all the day.

I need help with Urien Vs Makoto.

I usually end up running away from her, and once I am stuck in the corner its hard to get out.

I asked RX himself about (through his friend rKf who wrote on denjinvideo forums when the site was still up)
and he told that Makoto is "just too much for Urien, and that the only chance is landing the unblockable"
uuurgh :frowning:
Can’t even get out of the corner with RH Kneedrop, since that means free EX Hayate

I hate Makoto. Damn stupid random bitch :mad: :mad:

I also think a good akuma is also a pain in the ass

Granted one air sphere and it’s ggpo, but good akuma’s don’t tend to get hit with those

He’s hard too… Urien handles the top tiers quite well but suffers from overall lower ranked characters.

vs Akuma… it’s a weird match, really… rh tatsumaki beats everything Urien can pull, and it’s unpunishable (can hit back only if he was too close, with jab strong short tackle… but a smart Akuma player will never put himself in that position).Dive kick and demon flip can also be quite annoying, and most of all he can escape corner/aegis traps with the teleport.
If the akuma player mixes up well with rh hurricanes and other stuff, Urien can do almost nothing but trying to guess-parry right. But get a cHP/sphere in, and it’s over for akuma.
A tense match, where no mistake is allowed on both parts.

a nice thing that may help: towards+strong beats akuma’s air hurricane cleanly (unless he’s alredy ON you, of course)

Vs Akuma, Tyrant Slaughter (SA1) is a huge help. He can teleport out of unblockable setups on wakeup anyway, and SA1 punishes sloppy hurricane kicks for big damage.

N - Knowing is half the battle.

i like that strat. good shit

wouldnt the temporal thunder be a better choice due to the 100% kill and damage it does in general? i dont play akumas that much but want to be prepared just in case.

The best thing about the TS is the ability to punish (hurricane kicks and sweeps) and you lose that with the TT. You’ll also never land the %100 in a real match

Yeah, sometimes I switch to SA1 against Akuma, though I still feel more confident with SA3… maybe I just need more experience with SA1. It changes the gameplay quite a bit - no tackle into Aegis, no whiff Aegis juggle series to rely on.

Ex Aegis can punish hurricanes if done properly, btw.

That’s a pretty loose definition of punish. It’s more like “Hey, get off me!” That’s barely a deterrent.

Tyrant Slaughter wrecks his shop entirely. After even one, if the opponent has any sense at all he will NEVER try to lock you down with hurricanes again. Then you’ve just gotta bat cleanup while he tries to remember how to play Akuma without being a scrub.

N - If you can’t play Urien without Reflectors, people will think you’re a poseur.

mmmh… if I’m uncharged, they can still lock me down (and it’s hard to charge when being locked) and if the pay attention they’ll just stop spamming hurricanes when I get a super. Ok, some room for breath. It becames a little better. Still not too easy.

I never said I’m the best (far from it), neither ever thought so.
I can play without reflectors (I used to play SAII), I just feel better with SAIII and that’s pretty obvious since it’s Urien’s best super.
Like, at least decent Ken players can play SAI and SAII, but like SAIII more and are more effective with it.

Well, maybe they should switch to SAI against Dudley, throw -> OTG is great :lol:

JK :wink:

ahhhhhhhhhh im a scrub!!! leave me alone :frowning:

alex owns urien with a passion!!!

you happy now? :stuck_out_tongue:

have you guys learned anything new since evo? i wasnt able to go so i dont know if any new strats were found or what