Urien walking EX Headbutt

I made this video a while ago and totally forgot about it, but feel free to check it out.
Also something I need to note is that the way I do the roll from down, downforward, forward, upforward to up is a tad weird, I do it in a slow kind of motion to satisfy the actions required, but not so fast the charge gets lost. Its hard to explain, but practice this for a while and you’ll develop the same feel for it. Its a strictly risk thing, but what the hell, who is gonna double parry something like that, you can’t see it on reaction. Worst case scenario I see is a guard, that allows me some recovery safety.


It’s nice and surprising :wonder:
But you don’t have to “qcf” the thing, you can go from down (or down back) to forward directly, it’s even better as if you “qcf” that you can end up throwing an EX sphere.
Another example here by MarvelousOne: http://www.fighters.ma/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=362&forum=103

For all charge moves; you can walk for like “1 step and half” and still do the move; it also helps for “walkup, cr. LK, LK tackle” situations when pressuring people in the corner with Aegis etc.

excellent, thanks for the info

I use walkup hadbutts a lot in my pressure game. I’m actually uploading some matches now where I use them in mixup game. The best option is to walkup, then insttead of headbutt, do a cr.Fierce, then headbutt. If blocked, your safe, and if it connects, your all ser up for a unblockable

I want more vids on this, LWK your vid has been taken off. So you cant do any charged move after 1 and a half steps max? I want more description to this if possible, I know Messatsu is an incredible partitioner, plays like urien doesnt even need charging.


fun game (NOT MESSATSU) I just liked the partitioning :smiley: