Urien Yun/Yang reset trick

Little something I think is interesting. I in no way created this, I saw this performed by RX on his wanted series in which he sued it on the twins. I just experimented and found out what would happen if certain conditions were met and how useful this setup would be. Reset Yun/Yang with st.Strong after a tackle combo in the corner(apart from ex tackle,tackle,tackle). After reset, throw out jab aegis, and these are your options:

  1. Dash up neutral throw>>> If your throw is successful, keep bashing all the buttons and the stick. Make sure to charge back during the throw.Eventually, your opponent will fall from Urien’s grasp and fall into the aegis, bouncing off it. This bit is kinda tricky: As soon as Yun/Yang crosses over Urien’s head, press toward+short.
    This will result in a short tackle and cause Yun/Yang to fly back into the Aegis. Then dash up, strong sphere, tackle,tackle, continue.

If you timed it wrong,the tackle will still hit but will not cause Yun/Yang to fly into the corner. You will tackle them in the other direction. You can link this to another Aegis for a midscreen UB, assuming you have the meter. This is what is really cool about this setup

  1. Dash up neutral throw>>> If connects, do step 1. If teched, Yun/Yang will be thrown into the Aegis while in the tech animation. It does not make any difference if Yun/Yang or Urien techs the throw, as long as a throw is teched. Try your best to charge back as soon as you see the throw tech, and then tackle.

If Urien goes for a throw, and Yun/Yang tech,this leaves him with less time than if Yun/Yang throw and Urien techs. SO, your best bet is to charge for a tackle, cause in each scenario, you can just about get a tackle off, and then if you have meter continue from there. If Yun/Yang throws and Urien techs, you get much more time, but its ultimately safe just to charge and go for a tackle, as this is a universal option regardless of the outcome.

  1. If you see your opponent crouching or attempting to move/attack/jump, try and pressure them into the Aegis. There is very little space for your opponent to move. A jump attempt will cause them to hit the Aegis and bounce back. Any attack will cause them to come into contact with the Aegis, and hurt them. If you see a crouching opponent try UOH or toward+Fierce to knock them in it.
    Option 3 is not as practical/useful as the other 2, but its always nice to have it up your sleeve.

Options 1 and 2 are guaranteed a throw/throw tech. Option 3 should only be used if your opponent tried to avoid the throw from getting them. Option 3 is for opponents who know your trying for a throw and will do anything to get away from it. Mix it up and have fun

Vid here(had to re-create and re-upload!)



I quite liked that man, and it was well explained with the vid.

I’ve been mucking round with reset possibilities on characters i can’t corner juggle well, like the twins. I’ll try out some of your ideas. It’s good when players share their ideas…helps us all improve!

@ 00:17, Yun tries to throw Urien; and because Urien techs the throw, Yun gets caught up in the Aegis (hahaha); but what if Urien throws and Yun techs (more “logic” situation IMO) --> Will Yun be caught in the Aegis?

Yep, same thing

^That’s good news }>

I’ll definitely be using this as I hate the twins and the fact standard juggling is reduced. I saw a RX video of a certain midscreen unblockable where Urien times a jWK during a aegis and ends up in the perfect place for unblockable.

Most time, what I do mid-screen against twins, when I have enough meter is:

cr. HP, EX headbutt, lp Sphere xx hp Aegis; juggle them with st. MP and cancel the MP with MK tackle; this ends up with midget being trapped between Urien and mirror :rofl:; freestyle them after that

I think most people do mp Aegis and cancel the s.mp into hk kneedrop and then headbutt over for an unblockable. That seems like the safer/higher percentage option. :wgrin:

Well, this option is good too.
But I play 3S with 2 friends only and now they almost never miss a parry on wakeup; the combination I mentionned makes them fall on their feet and this gives them much less reaction time for parrying and seeing what’s happening.

Hmm…interesting point. I’ll probably stick with the traditional setup but keep your’s in the back of my mind, just in case. :wink:

Well eventually people always parry the traditional “unblockable”, the advantage of this one is that it’s more surprising :woot:

Yeah I use this same one. My friend Mike T taught me this set up a while ago, but he added up a nice midscreen jab/strong set up, ending with cFP, then dash back FP sphere, WP sphere, RH tackle, then set up another unblockable if you want. Really good stuff all around. I need to remember that damn middle part with the jabs/strong to bounce the opp off the aegis, and to end that final aegis piece with that cFP bounce back, giving us leeway for FP sphere. Any ideas guys? I hate improvising this to get to that final part, I’d rather complete it legit style.