Urien's 100% damage combo?

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Scroll down and click on Urien8. Is that combo possible on characters with defences less than Urien? (Like Ryu & Ken?)

hahahahaha i’m not sure if you can hit the c.LK vs anyone but urien alex and hugo but that combo is so terribly useless anyway.

^Why’s that?

The reason why, is the fact that the super he uses isnt very good. Urien has enough challenges already, playing him without Aegis is just limiting his capabilities. Urien11 vid is pretty useful tho. Ive done it on a few people before lol.

Although, im slowly starting to think that Tyrant Slaughter is best Super for Shotos. Yeah it sounds crazy but, before i go off on it…i need more testing.


^Hmm I see, I’ll DL Urien11 again & try that in practice, but I’m more of an SA II Urien player, I dunno I just like it :stuck_out_tongue: