Urien's EX sphere

to me, this move is completely useless. I use it maybe once every 100 matches. The only time I ever use it is to chip life away, and even then, there are better options for my super bar.

Does anyone have any uses or combos for this move?

Well, nothing really special. It’s pretty much only useful if you super cancel it. You can cancel it into Tyrant for a back-up behind you if you’re trying to chip, or, you can cancel it into Aegis and follow it for a nice (if meter-wasteful) pressure technique.

I think its a bit of a waste doing the ex…

another way of using it is by doing a ex.sphere then ex.tackle(for chip or can sometimes cause the other person to miss parry the ex.tackle) .
Or ex.sphere and just dash up throw(if they parry both hits of the sphere).

not a great strat, but works once in a blue moon -_-;