After hard train, now I can do “DASH > 2LP > Headbutt” freely.

But I found myself in trouble with the combos below:
A. ?? > DASH > 2LP > Headbutt > 2LP > DASH > 2LP > Headbutt > ??
(The underlined 2LP is air reset only on ALEX, URIEN and HUGO, as you know)
B. DASH > DASH > 2LP > Headbutt

So I hope those who can do the combos can tell me:
A. At which point to charge before DASH so the whole loop can be done with no
B. Can this combo be done without pressing down after the first DASH?

Thanks in advance!

an easy cool combo with those resets is

cr. lp, lp headbutt, cr.lp, lp headbutt, uoh, headbutt…then you can throw or do another reset if the headbutt hit…

to do the combo you just said

i have a small delay of charging between the headbutt and the crouching lp reset

So charge after headbutt but before cr.lp to do the loop?

dont charge after the headbutt, charge once you do the crouching lp

Excuse me, but I really doubt whether the charge time will be enough to perform a fastest “DASH > cr.lp > Headbutt” if one charges with cr.lp.

yeah the lp and headbutt might not combo the way i explained it.

i think if you charge during the first headbutt and do the cr. lp, headbutt fast enough it will combo though

I’d try to help, but I don’t really know what your saying. Could you explain it differently?

All right. The questions were originally written in Japanese form.

First one:
As we all know, after the jab Headbutt, URIEN can hit himself, ALEX and HUGO with cr.lp. I would like to do ‘DASH, cr.lp, jab Headbutt’ immediately after that cr.lp. When should I charge?

Second one:
I can do a Headbutt after DASH, DASH. But I have to press down after the first DASH, which makes me feel uncomfortable. But without doing the above procedure, I can’t do the charge partition!

Got it. You can do the First One by charging immediately after the headbutt. That means charge down during the cr.jab reset(after the headbutt), charge during the dash, then cr.jab(charging) then up + jab(release charge). Very easy partition, no advanced timing, just charge during each step.

Vid: http://files.filefront.com/Aavi/;10607583;/fileinfo.html

Now for the Second one, you don’t have to charge down during the first dash. But, you must prepare a small charge before hand or the partition to work. Try this:

Jab headbutt, cr.lp, dash(no charge), dash(charge down), up + jab(headbutt). The headbutt comes out, but you need some way to charge before the dashes. I used a jab headbutt, cr.jab here. There are lots of other ways to time it, just experiment. There is no charge at all during the first dash. The partition stays intact

Vid: http://files.filefront.com/Bavi/;10607725;/fileinfo.html

Hope this helps! :tup:

Thanks, ‘Razma126’. It surely helps. Don’t know what to say.

It’s a pity that I have a lot of things to do next four weeks, so I can’t train during that time.

By the way, what does “charge during dash” mean? I think that means: move stick to down immediately after the double forward movement. At that time, URIEN is still in the process of DASH.

Your welcome. And yes, that’s what it means :tup:

First One
It hardly comes out. Is that because the charge time isn’t enough?

Second One
How to do: lp headbutt (rival reversal), dash, dash, cr.LK, lp headbutt?

I can do the first loop at last. The key is to charge when you hit rival with the headbutt.