Urien's toughest matchups, and what to do?



What the hell does Urien do against a good Yun, Makoto, or Chun?

IMO it just seems as if he gets out-poked all too often.

General matchups would help too, I just dont see any good Chuns, Yuns, or Makotos around these parts.

Any help is appreciated


If you don’t see any good chuns, yuns or makotos then you’re lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

Against a Yun, I suggest to play with patience. Although Yun will control the match, he will usually eventually make a mistake. Make him pay.

Against Chun Li, play with patience. Urien will control most of the match, although her pokes are better than his. Crush -> EX mirror. Pressure that bitch into the corner and don’t let her go.
Low fierce, crush, JP fireball, crush -> supercancel aegis if you have bar.

A good Makoto…just give up.


When playing a good makoto, I used standing FP quite often. It stuffs most of her offense (dash, and normal pokes) This is also one of those matches where it would be wise no to throw fireballs or you’re going to eat a rush punch/ex rush punch or axe kick. Also they are going to keep you on the ground with the axe kick. Try to play offensive, because there’s nothing worse the being backed into the corner and having to guess what Makoto is going to do


It really depends on the kind of yun you’re playing, some yuns play keep away>build>meter>genei jin>repeat, a good yun who does this usually won’t make many mistakes.


it seems like against a good makoto the st. mp and the sh. chariot rush stuff a lot - but a missed rush gets punished hard


MP and FP are your friends, you don’t want to use a rush from far away because if Makoto sees it, you’re going to get supered/swept/parried-karasuka. Get on her, keep the pressure on but if you’re far away, use dashes and jumping roundhouses to get close