Uruseii Evo Online

Very well done man. Thank you for showing everyone what our Sakura is made of. More importantly what YOUR skillz are. I am extreamly proud to say that I main Sakura. Good shit man. Keep up the good work I know you’ll do well at Evo.

Lets try and keep the Saku-cho-chooo rolling and all improve ourselves to do our bests.

Good stuff Uruseii

lol… Thanks.
I was nervous the entire event. Kept dropping the combos where i should not have…
Well I suppose this would be a great experience for the next time around or other events :wink:

Ahhhh good shit Uruseii!

If you’re in the NYC area, you go to cf? Let’s have some mirrors man.

good shit, i was like what a sakura player? I never heard of you, guess you will now have all eyes on you :smiley:

Hope to see more footage of you :wink:

I figured it was because of lag, the dropped combos. Still impressive either way.

Yes I am. As James Chen mentioned I’m a pad player so I don’t have much experience with the stick. Maybe I’ll show up once in a while…

I can’t get down with the stick either. I always try every month or so… but its damn hard.

Lock those pads away Oni. That’s what I did (granted, I didn’t play much on pad cos I bought my TE 2 months after I got the PS3 :stuck_out_tongue: ).


I wanted to cry.

I know right? You can focus on reaction. Honda’s enough of a bitch to fight, let along giving up free damage from unsafe butt splashes.

Yeah? Actually I do not know if that has armor breaking property or not. Back when I tried it, it would always be an armor break. I suppose thats because of a reversal…

I do, however, feel a lot more comfortable playing on xbox. If anyone wants a few games, let me know :wink:

I’d like to do a couple mirror matches with you sometime.

lulz im with you on that Oni… i play sf4 on pad but KoF 2002 UM on stick… i just cant shake the pad on sf. sakuras combos are too easy on pad.

Gonna start hitting the SSF4 hard again… maybe with the stick maybe not lol… hard

I’d sooner take advice from Daniel before switching to stick. Ironic that his advice is me switching to stick.

Ended up going 14-15 against Uruseii’s Sakura. Was a long ass set, but it was good.