Uryo's corner j. hp setup



New Sakura player here. I’ve seen Uryo do the following corner setup: EX tatsu, 2x otoshi and make the 3rd whiff, backdash, light tatsu, jump forward hp which seems to cross up, or at least land on the other side. My question: what’s the point of a setup that only does a predictable cross up? Does this actually hit in front but make you land behind? Is there something that makes it ambiguous? Would doing a different move make you land in front or something? The setup seems to scare good players enough to want to focus dash out of it (sac hit), but I don’t get why. Surely any opponent who knows the setup would just simply block it? I must be missing something.



The j.hp will hit in front but it looks like she’s going to cross up so it’s pretty ambiguous.


and if you condition them to block it as a non-crossup, j. mk will cross up with the same setup.


I see, thanks guys. Thread can be closed I guess.


Try this one on large characters such as Sagat, Abel, Balrog, Seth, (T.Hawk & Gief too?):

Ex Tatsu, lk otoshi two hits, jump back HP, dash forward, j. HP crossup. Careful what you continue with because you’re spacing after it hits is pretty far. Maybe CR.fp xx lk tatsu > St.lk ex tatsu/HP srk -or- just CR.fp ex tatsu/HP srk. Either way, I started using that one on big characters, it’s disgusting & I love it.


lol, I spent an afternoon practicing that one, then when I went to try it online I kept fucking it all up… Dashing the wrong way, dashing first instead of jumping back… speaking of which, do you have to do a normal when you jump back? I was just doing empty jump back, dash forward, forward j.HP… seemed to work out okay in the training room. I found that even when I did it right, I couldn’t be sure of which side I’d land on, so I planned on hit confirming with lights so I know which way to spin the stick. I consider that plus because if I can’t tell where I’m gonna land, hopefully my opponent can’t either…

never landed the whole thing correctly in a match though… Also, I don’t remember which character I was trying it on… usually in the training room I’ll pick whichever character it was that gave me trouble the last time I played… not out of any sort of scientific method for working out stuff, just pure vengeance


Yeah, you have to do j.back hp after the otoshi 2x.


You can also do jump back, forward dash and j.hp after the otoshi. IIRC it only works on Sagat + Seth.