US ambassador and 3 others killed in an attack on embassy in Libya


Things might get…really bad in the Middle East now.

The ambassador honestly sounds like a pretty good dude to. He was a volunteer English teacher in that region before he became the ambassador.

The embassy in Egypt was also attacked.


Heard about this in the morning, what film was this that got them killed??




The movie is called “The Innocence of Muslims”

It’s horrible B-movie schlock, here is the trailer, WARNING, link EXTREMELY not safe for work:


It’s a terrible movie, that no one has heard of or seen before today, that came out a couple of months ago. I’m going to assume its a pretense.


This is the dumbest thing about the religion, they have extremists who lose their shit over it. They do not believe in freedom of speech and will kill anyone who disagrees with them. They are a blight to the religion they defend with so much fervor. My prediction: in about a decade we’ll be back at war with this section of the world again. It already happened before and it’ll happen again now that some of those revolutions (shit, even countries we’ve HELPED liberate themselves from their tyrannical governments) have turned into extremist states. Karzai, the biggest ASSHOLE we’ve ever helped since bin Laden, has censured the U.S. over this shit. Fuck him and fuck Afghanistan.


That’s horrible, people are fucking savages. Anyway, I’ll watch the video when I come back from classes today.


these the same motherfuckers that tried to murder Emmet “Doc” Brown. this is war!


oh wtf did I just watch…


And so we inch closer to the precipice.


Meh, this is a war I don’t worry about too much, considering it would be incredibly one sided.


Dude built them a bomb casing filled with used pinball machine parts. He shouldn’t have reneged.


At this point I think the world as a whole would thank us for carpet bombing muslim countries.


Can we has rational thought, or Meggido, yet?

The rest of the world will cope with the hole it leaves, I am sure.

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We infidels aren’t supposed to be allowed to point out such things as the sacking of Constantinople.

It’s “The New History”.

Also in this thread: Muslims react to people spoofing the opinion that Islam is a blood-thirsty, murderous belief system, by committing blood-thirsty murder.

Ferrous Levels: Over 9000.

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Nothing gets the point that your religion is righteous across faster than Killing other People of the same religion and The People who want to offer help to them amirite?


Exactly, he asked for it.


can’t get too worked up over this considering the untold # of innocent brown people we (the usa) have been slaughtering, torturing, holding prisoner, etc the past 10+ years.


And yet, you are going to WORK for the Beast. :rolleyes:


see this is why we should have let Gaddaffi destroy the rebels. These people only respond to and respect power.