US market for Chaos Breaker, Rumble Fish, FOTNS, Basara X?

Hi Guys,

Do people think there is a market for games like Chaos Breaker, Rumble Fish, Fist of the North Star, and Basara X to come out at XBLA/PSN titles in the states?

Would you buy these if they came out for like $15 on XBLA/PSN if it was a solid, barebones (features wise) port? Of course solid online and a practice mode would be the top priority.

What do you think?

I would try Rumblefish probably because I wanna see what that’s about.

These games seem pretty obscure, but I’m sure there’s a market for 'em here.

Bring goddamn Melty first than those games.

just import the shit it’s easy as fuck. just like the people who are playing these games been doing. you could have dark awake AKA chaos breaker on your ps 3 probably within an hour.

If it was Rumble Fish 2.

I agree with this. I have Rumble Fish 1 for PS2, and wouldn’t mind having both games as a bundled release. …but if I had to choose one of the two, I’d go with the sequel.


BTW, I can’t understand why anyone would want Basara X. =/

I’ll at least look into any available FG, but starting a scene for games like these would be no small task. Also, wasn’t Basara X supposed to be shitty?

Basara is the Great Mighty Poo of fighting games.

The only thing I could think of that’s worse than it is Million Knights Vermillion.

If you like HNK, then you’re a dick head for hating SBX.

It would be great to finally get a port for RF2 out of everything else.

guess which game scales combos to 0

It doesn’t matter cause the market is already dead. :smiley:

It took six years for Chaos Breaker to get a port. So in about one more year, The Rumble Fish 2 should be getting a port. Not counting any sort of legalities.

Guess which game gives your ass a chance to fight back.

id pay like 15 dollars for RF2 and HnK, assuming they had training mode and basic online play.

gimme dat HnK with GGPO netcode.

I understand that. But a lot of people won’t jump through those hoops. If it was on the US store, it would be a lot easier for people.

I think HNK and RF2 would prime candidates for US release. And Melty Blood of course.

Off to ponder things…


because is fun for some people

game is too manly for the new systems