US Senators and Mayors Outed as Members of the KKK by Anonymous Nov 5th


List has been released

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Can’t say I’m surprised


Apparently it is fake but an authentic list is on the way November 5th

Official vid





No, seriously wow.


All mostly in the south too. Lol


America da Bess.

I’m trying not to laugh out loud in thermodynamics over this.


so no one is callin bullshit based on the gay guy supposedly a klan member?


I’m hearing this may be fake though.


Dude crazier things have happened!
Notorious KKK Leader Frazier Glenn Miller Was Once Caught Doing ‘Rather Salacious’ Things With a Black Male Prostitute


ya but the gay politician is openly gay it isnt a secret. klan members know who eachother are…they dont hide. soooooo im calling suspect on this list. anonymous has been known to fuck up before.


Its fake. Just got to the anonymous twitter which directs you to operation kkk, and they arent releasing anything until the 5th of november.


Considering the “leegun” is just a bunch of kids trying to be edgy while still posting on their real facebook. I wouldnt be surprised if this is nothing.
And even if it isnt, does it really change anything?



Internet hacking in general is usually ass. Like dudes who think that a DDOS on the CIA homepage means that the US government is stalled and Obama is crying in his office.


Yeah, and Elvis is still alive and we didn’t land on the moon.


Its like HYDRA in real life.



yeah but… you don’t have to be a member of the KKK to be a racist asshole.


a lot of political figures, get into some stranger shit


They should have just released the info without announcing it beforehand so they couldn’t get sabotaged by someone releasing a fake list. Nobody is going to believe them now.


They announced the exact day they would release information, not their fault idiots read at a 2nd grade level.


Maybe they can start outting some of these judges and cops too. KKK have infiltrated law enforcement for awhile and nothing could ever be done about it.