US T5 'HRAP' - How do I wire the pcb to a JLF?

Hi, sorry I’m completely new at modding sticks so some of the thing I mention may not make sense.

I was looking at the wiring for the stick and noticed it has more wires(or pins, not sure what to call it) than a JLF. So how do I connect them together?

The joystick wired does not have a PCB, so each microswitch is connected to two wires. One is ground, while the other is the signal direction. You can use a 5-pin harness, or just remove the old wires and solder them to the exposed metal of the microswitches of the JLF.

I believe that’s because it doesn’t use the wiring harness for the stick. You can simply swap out the TP-MA PCB assembly with 4 MS-O-3R microswitches.

find the directions and connect the grounds together.

Also as stated you need to drill through the gate to use the stock hori screws.

Cooler to remove the eight wires from HORI PCB.
Solder on the JLF Wire Harness.

How do I solder on the JLF wire harness? Sorry I’m such a noob at this =\