US T5 mod help

well, I finally got my new sanwa stick so it’s time to mod my ol’ t5. I got it open and now I can’t get the molex clip off the pcb… it looks like it has two (very small) clips on either side (almost impossible to get to given the angle). But I got them both up and got my friend to pull on the clip but it never came out. I’m worried about yanking the damn wires out of the board. any help would be appreciated

I don’t much about modding this stick but here’s a link, although the pics don’t work anymore hopefully it can help. I’m actually looking to mod my T5 soon as well. Tell me how your stick turns out.

Oh there’s also this one.

Maybe that can help.

Just get a good grip and pull; its just snug. And as someone who’s done this numerous times, angle your pull away from the PCB. Every T5 PCB I’ve ever worked on has some jagged spots where they separated the boards; not fun opening the side of your thumb on it.

I got a question about the stock mounting holes, in this guys walk thru in the “heavy metal” section
he uses a sanwa JLW but the mounting plate on that is way too big, and dosen’t line up with the screw holes on the tekken mounting plate? I’m assuming you can just take off the mounting plate that comes with the JLW, I just wanna make sure before I order.

also is it possible to use the sanwa JLF TP 8T instead of the JLW?

If you use the JLF, there’s almost no modding to be done. The holes line-up but, you just gotta shave some plastic tabs.

The JLF is the ideal Sanwa to use.

shave tabs? or cut screws

i had to cut my screws since they were too long. however i somehow lost two of them while doing something else (i don’t get it, i had them in a bowl too)

i ended up buying some screws at lowes and they worked perfect…ly

gimme a bit and i’ll see what kind they were

EDIT:okay, so i threw out the little baggie. but i’m pretty sure the numbers were 4 X 3/4 in the sheet metal screw section

5 screws for about a buck…i actually think it’s worth it to buy them and forget about cutting the screws

If your gonna go thru cutting screws, u may as well instead drill holes thru the restricter plate. To me its way easier and yuo can use the stock screws. I believe there are lil indentions so theres no guess work. Its been a while. Once you drill the holes the screw will pass thru the plate then the switches finally to the mounting bracket.