US Version of Eternal Challenge Artbook

Eternal Challenge is listed as a July release, but with a 53.99 price (TFAWs price is 48.59)!!!

Sorry, but i can get the japanese version for 34 bucks. Just because the text is in english doesnt mean ill be paying 20 extra bucks. I wouldnt pay ten extra bucks.

No way.

With those 20 i can buy:

Three or four variant covers of the SF comic
One issue of SVC plus the next issue of SF
The Flame of Nova Artbook (with DVD!!) of KOF2003

Links to this?

Where’s this?

plz post the link before we all go insane lol

53.99!!! I like Street Fighter as much as the next person, but I am NOT paying that much for a book. It’s not even a hardcover! Maybe if Amazon gets it it willbe cheaper since they give great discounts on books.

search “street fighter” > click pre-order: books

I really hope its just a misprint. A HUGE “we put 20 extra bucks in there, sorry” misprint.

I’d be interested in this just for the translations of the Canon guide which I heard was in there, I have the Japanese version though so I probably won’t bother I bought the Japanese version for 33, somewhere within the $60 region.

Bet there’ll never be a UK release always import <_<

The majority of the book is artwork anyway as an artwork book is what it mostly is.

Maybe they mean importing the book from Japan. I do not see them mentioning it being english?

First off, udoneko may be right and someone doesn’t know what they’re doing. It might be the Japanese release actually. I mean, do you really think Capcom cares about the fans that much?

Second off, if it is released, I’d buy it. If only so that gaining revenue from this book would encourage Capcom to release more.

Funny, people are always crying that “Capcom hates the fans” (including myself I just realized :frowning: ), but yet when Capcom does take a risk and release something that “the fans” want, while in limited/censored form so that it’ll get more circulation, and “the fans” declare it gay at release, only to cry for it long after the product is pulled off the market.


In case anyone does not see it nor find it the direct link is

erm, wth do u see it saying it is english? buddy I think u’ve been dreaming a little too much or something. Even if it said that, did u even care to read the statement below

“All of this item’s information is subject to change, but should ship no later than 90 days past its scheduled shipping date.”

ahem, so yea…
I ain’t believing it until I actually see a preview…

Also, why complain about the price man. For the amount of art work that is in the book, it is worth it in the end u kno. Also considering it has 272 pages, I don’t know why are any of u complaining. Those artists spent their ass off doing the work so I think u should appreciate that capcom releases these artbooks where u can see all the rough/good/unused art for the games and especially the character designs. If it does happen to come out in english, then I’m going to get it 4sure…

…Udon/Erik -> check ur pm box

TFAW lists japanese items with a “Japanese Language” on the title.

Its also too damn expensive to be the japanese version. Anyone that paid more than 40 bucks has been ripped-off.

Did you even care to read the shipping date?

Its a pre-order with release in July. The japanese EC has been out for a long time.

Because i can get bigger, hardcover artbooks for less than that? Because i can get artbooks with DVDs for less than half? Because i can get the same artbook for 20 bucks less?

Charging 20 bucks extra for the translation is ridiculous, if that is the case. Yes, street fighter fans want stuff like this to get released but you’d be hard pressed to find anybody but a super-diehard that would pay 60 bucks for an art book, especially if it’s not hard cover.

Sorry but I’m a bit new, what is this “Eternal Challenge” book suppose to be eh?

Thanks in advance…

Last time I check with Capcom, I am pretty positive that no one is publishing it in English. So I am not sure what exactly this site is selling.

Hmm… so much for the rumours that it would be translated to English. Not that I really mind, since I a) have it, already, and b) have all the important story facts that I previously didn’t know from it, already.

SF Eternal Challange art book is just that…an art book. It showcases most all of the SF official art and provides information on the story and characters (if you know Japanese).

I have the Japanese edition (assuming there is more than one) of the artbook, as an artbook i don’t think it’s as extensive as it could have been, but it also has alot of text - which i guess balances this. The text is there for a reason and i assume it’s all relevant and significant. Personally i’d like to see an english edition.