USA are better than Japan


In women’s football. I was there


Too bad your grammar are not as good as it should be.


The girls always go harder then the guys, the men just roll on the ground and pretend they were hit by a bus, when slightly bumped. Thats been soccer for the past 20 years…The girls go hard ,any country compared to the boys, the guys get to go home to there big league teams and contracts and get payed big bucks to roll in the grass and pretend there hurt, the women don’t the Olympics is there show.


We have better soccer option selects, #1 acting skills


I understand your comment, but let’s break down USA: the United *States *of America. I think it can be either, but hey, what’s life if you’re not allowed to make a grammatical mistake in a fighting game forum.


I come into this thread hoping for a good flame war over which country is better at SF, and I get a shitty joke instead. Great.


On the matter, i play my brother PSE 12 soccer ,Hawaii to Cali and always picked japan a c rank team in the game,he picks Brazil A tier and i always beat him , he has a conspiracy that since the games made by konami and n japan i have secret stats.


No, it can’t be. The name originated from the fact that we are independently run states unified under a central government with a balance of powers between state and the central government. The “United STATE of America” name implies a single governing body and functions as a bit of an oxymoron.

But you’re right. Who gives a shit about grammar mistakes in a forum? Unless you’re trying to prove a point, in which case you should probably learn elementary school-level grammar, otherwise people are going to think that you’re illiterate.

Also this thread is in the AE section, so it will be closed or moved shortly.


I’m sorry man. I understand your gripes about grammar, because I know how I die inside every single time someone on the srk forums uses the apostrophe incorrectly. I get you man.

By the way what point was I trying to prove?


Probably that srk is filled with whiny cry babies n shit and succeeded .


When you guys are done with your English homework, do me a favor and open your Internet etiquette books. Specifically look for the chapter about not feeding trolls on SRK.