USA Same Character 3v3. Important Post (Vote for location)

Just curious if this could happen here. Idk maybe someone could run it as a exhibition or something.

Just a thought I think it would be interesting.

Vote For Qualifier Spot:

1.Denjin Arcade (Socal, Arcade) 2
2.Arcade UFO (Austin Texas, Arcade)
3.Chinatown Fair (New York New York, Arcade)
4.Console Tournament (Perhaps NEC11, PS2.)
5.Seasons Beatings 5. (Columbus Ohio, Arcade.) 1

Vote For Exhibition Spot:
1.Denjin Arcade (Socal, Arcade)
2.Arcade UFO (Austin Texas, Arcade)
3.Chinatown Fair (New York New York, Arcade)
4.Console Tournament (???)
5. EVO 2011 (Would try to get arcades.)

I mean its possible I think. How about you guys?

put me up with team sean.



JR Rodriguez on Akuma team

Valle, and Watts could run with ken also. The ken team could be tough to pick. spots would have to be played for. i know WC always had the better kens but EC ken play has improved.

mutant xp and Chinatown Fairs kevin for necro

Ricky ortiz could run with chun or ken

the CF crew would try to take spots. especially for ken,dudley, yun and frankie with akuma. green tea for ken also

a lot of rambling by me. in my mind im still the best ken player on the EC lol . this would be interesting though. and hype!!!

I would love to see this happen.

Feel free to post suggestions and if a major can make this happen in the future. (A Seasons Beatings 6?!? NEC11!!! EVO!!!)

Who knows?

Thanks for suggestions people.

Just made some edits. Cant believe I forgot Frankie3s for the Ryu team. 0~O

me with TEAM NECRO obviously.

maybe BarsxHooks with Q?

Tenkensourijo with Hugo.

Cruise with Team Urien definitely.

and what’s with the Japanese Yun team?? lol jk

acslayer for Yun Team???

Yang maybe agumon??

We would probably have to have team qualifiers before we do this.

Then top 3 best of that character get to go on to the Same Character team tournament.

Now where and how will someone do this. XD

on GGPO. I’m not speaking for him, but RockMan has set many tournaments on there before. He has another room we go to just for tourney players to talk and keep score, etc. We usually do 2-man teams. My 2 man team (usually me doing all the work) has placed 2nd and 3rd place (so I’m no slouch).

I’ll ask him next time I talk to him on GGPO (probably tonite). It sounds like a great idea.

Well what if some of these pros have no access or have rare access to using GGPO?

Imo I think we would have to make this a real location kind of thing. Just me though.

I am the best Q behind Ultradavid/RPDRookie/ParryAll/Pyrolee/probably BarsxHooks. :wink:

im in suggesting mode so lets do it

yang team would HAVE to be me


replace Joe with Vinny and put Ricky on the chun team or LetBloodRun (either that or the urien team, he has a strong urien)

Alex: Ty has to be on there

i would sooo love to play on the elena team, anyways if we were allowed to join more than one team, 5 star should be on Akuma team and Elena team for suure

k i had my share of suggestions lol

YO! put me on team sean. bodler and i do a lot of sparring and he says my sean is .00001 below his. thats enough to qualify me as the #2 spot as SEAN. :smokin: :cool:

I am actually talking to some people and seeing if we can try to get legitimate qualifiers happening.

This would be cool, unfortunately many of these players don’t play anymore and don’t really care about the game. You want people that actually care and love the game for something like this.

I would 100% play on the Elena team.

good point about players who still love and care about the game. maybe when 3s online comes out interest will raise again

No more Ken 5 star? that ken team would need you lol

And who are the Alex players, not casuals. I mean players that pick Alex in tourney. i havent seen Alex in a US 3s tourney since Gootecks beat my lame Alex at sinsation.

Anyway even if i was to spectate this it would be fun as hell. I’m willing to help make this happen in anyway i can

If this does happen where would people want qualifiers to take place? PLEASE EVERYONE GIVE INPUT.

1.Denjin Arcade (Socal, Arcade)
2.Arcade UFO (Austin Texas, Arcade)
3.Chinatown Fair (New York New York, Arcade)
4.Console Tournament (Perhaps NEC11, PS2.)
5.Seasons Beatings 5. (Columbus Ohio, Arcade.)

I will try my best to contact all of these places depending on the poll and I will see what I can do.

And overall everyone dont get hopes too high yet I dont know if this can happen I will just try and make it happen. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Posted this and posted where we could have the main exhibition in the main post.

We’re just dreaming now, of course its possible for this to happen but just the fact that we would need to coordinate with players between each coast would make this tournament highly unlikely to happen, the amount of dedicated players is not enough for this tournament, we simply need either more ppl or bring back the O.Gs of 3s

there were plenty of strong players that played consistently on the EC but now you just don’t see them because either sf4 took their souls or life caught up (smoothcat chun, eric kim makoto, flash G ken, etc)

I’m sure the west coast had the same problem but as you can see lots of players would be needed to make this successful

Anyways I would suggest everyone just go to Denjin cuz the sexiness lvls of 3s is off the charts

Denjin, and im in

we should propably all agree that console is out of the question…console would propably turn a lot of people off. especially some of the OG’s

we should propably start harassing OG’s on our respective coasts/areas. I know i could get Henry Cen to break out that hugo again.

Even though I’m not from USA,I agree with Nica.Also didnt FlashG used to play denjin Ryu?

Off topic but,I was in New York on holiday this year and I visited CF briefly,and the 3s on the big setup is really cool and all,but why oh why are there american buttons/sticks in there?I respect that the arcade wants to keep that old american arcade feel with the original Capcom USA bezels and panel artwork but american setup on 3s is a bad choice in my opinion considering the game’s community is mainly revolving around the hardcores/diehards who aspire to the Japanese 3s scene.I couldnt adjust and got my ass whooped.

I played on the other machine with sanwa buttons which was good but the buttons kept failing.Henry Cen fixed my medium punch button but then my fierce and roundhouse started dieing on me.This is no hate on CF,I just wanted to get it in on 3s that night but the setup wasnt right so I wasnt able to play properly.