USA Sbo Best Team

I was evaluating the good players we have today in Third Strike in the Street Fighter Community in the USA. I know that there is a West Coast and East Coast Sbo qualifier and I was actually thinking. Our top players are: Ricky, Justin, Pyro, and some other guys if I left them out. The East Coast team consists of Ricky and Justin and an unnamed player. The West Coast team consists of Pyro, Frankie, and an unnamed player.
The Top 3 characters in Third Strike are Ken, Chun Li, and Yun. If you think about that, those 3 characters are Ricky, Justin, and Pyro. Not Saying that Frankie3s shouldn’t be on that team(Cause Frankie can beat Ricky but Ricky is better Vs. more Players. In my opinion

We will place Top 5 at Sbo this year:lovin:

Justin, Ricky, Pyro…Watch this Movie
put the Egos down, Fuck East/West Coast or Whatever it is and do it 4 USA:wink:

P.S I know their is 2 teams

no cuz player personality can affect morale. maybe ricky and justin and another guy can be a team, but not those 3. even if they could put aside their differences.

sbo will have 2 us teams anyway i believe, one ec one wc. that’s why wc is having team qualifiers not singles.

this goes back to arlieth’s post in the sbo thread.

Here’s my stance (and FFA’s stance) on this: The members of your team is purely a personal decision, and you have to take chemistry, personality and morale into the picture. For administration to dig its hands into choosing who goes on a team, or to disallow people from teaming up with each other, is really over-management. It also totally defeats the purpose of Team Qualifiers in the first place.

Also, if two players of a team want to decide who the third will be, they both need to agree and be comfortable with the decision. To be paired with a team member who you feel very uncomfortable with will definitely affect your capacity to perform in a tournament, and I feel that each team should be playing at their best as a unit, and as friends. I firmly believe that one should not be forced to do something that they are not comfortable with.

This is taking into consideration the history and personal quirks of the So.Cal arcade scene. East Coast quals are handled in a different fashion because of differently stated objectives, stricter regulation by Tougeki (Japan) and most importantly, its own incumbent community of players. The EC scene is drastically different from ours and thus justifies a separate body of rules to accomodate the situation.

Actually, I wanna see how sad this gets.

Um, i don’t really think Pyro vs Justin + Ricky is WC vs EC. At least not in the traditional sense. Pyro has talked shit to just about every WC player ever. Ricky is as much WC as he is EC. The whole thing is more like FFA vs Empire. Both of those groups are pretty reclusive and independent of their physical locations/histories.

Anyway i don’t really see the point. There are plenty of good players on the WC to fill out that third spot and i’m sure you could say the same thing about EC.

Besides, is Ricky really the best Ken player in America? Best Chun Li, sure. But best Ken? I guess it could be true, but it’s news to me.

incoming flames
sextaro > ricky

ken i x 3 > all those guys.

…I just don’t know:confused:

When pyrolee was here for norcal regionals we interviwed him(it’s still not up yet pm tyram), and he said there was no kind of hostilty between him and ricky. He sounded pretty sincere about it too.

yes i remember Arlieth post that made sense, but this is for USA
the Country as a Whole they’re 3 different people yes but for once rep US

The problem may be personalities:

Pyro:Has a Ego and from what i heard talks shit often haven’t seen much of it thou he’s coo With Me.

Ricky:He’s kinda Cocky just a little.He’s just Anti-Social but once he gets to know you hes actually Ok.

Justin:Cool Person

Thats not that bad if you think about and they know each other ?

Fuck all of the hate I think we can do.:wgrin:

Yes I dont think Rickys Ken is the best but…Show me someone who does better consistantly with Ken all across the US:sad: You Cant So…what can I Say:wonder:

still, i think pyro/frankie/vic or ken i would be a better team, and then of course ricky/justin/whoemever

Ken I the Makoto guy yeah he is Good.Justin Chun is that good sad to say I hate to admit It so the team alone is very dangerous.:sad: But I still like my West Coast Team but I Think we need our powers to Combine.
The other team will be good 2 so im not worried.

Frankie/Pyro/Victoly West

KOFiend/Ricky/Justin East

How bout we all stfu and let this thread die kthx.

-hsien showed that he is the best ken in the US and did very well vs japan in 5v5
-ken i was undefeated at the 16 man quals in evo and also did very well at japan 5v5 earning a very clutch match vs mester

  • i dunno why vic dosn’t get a chance, but he has the best mentality to play vs japanese players, best dud in the US…if you’ve ever played him before you know he’s a god damn beast

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We don’t need 2 Chun’s.

Pyro/Frankie/Vic… it’s such a strong team, and Vic’s never been.