USA - shops that sell sticks?

Sis is off to us for 2 weeks, i think around california, is there any major shops that would see the likes of HORI ARCADE STICK PRO etc? whats the price range for these? and would this work on xbox/ 360?

thank you

basically no and no.

Best you’ll find is the t5 stick which is decent and that won’t work for you 360 either.

awesome, ok i think anything for my normal xbox will do so, so no dice on shops either so? anywhere with cheap delivery online… ebay has nothing/play asia soldout



Well, I guess it depends what area you’re in. I ran across a store in San Gabriel (relatively close to LA, when you look at California) that was selling HRAPs. Also, maybe some places that sell niche products might (I ran across one in this place called Frank and Sons where people opened their own little shops. Mostly nerd stuff like comics/cards/games).

They’re pretty much the only place I know of that still has HRAP2’s. I got one from here and got it within 4 days. If you still want an HRAP1…

These guys are actually local (to me). Their store is like 15 min from my house. From what I’ve heard before, they’re pretty reliable. A bit pricey, but meh, I think the stick is worth it =).