USA vs Japan SF4 5on5

this HAS to be part of EVO
its either on the hush hush by the staff
its truly been overlooked
who should be on the team?
feel free to reply

well if they had enough time for this event i would say go for it.

Japan team should be whoever comes.

US team i would say imo should be Gootecks, Mike Ross, Justin Wong, L.I. Joe, and someone else.

Edma, Gootecks, Keno, Bobino, and ??


Mago, Daigo, Momochi, Iyo, and ??

i dunno just throwing out names
would be sick to watch this event though

?? = mike ross

Mike Ross is the best.

sounds like Cali vs Japan not USA vs Japan…but i understand you ere just throwing out random names so w/e :looney:

your signature is badass

I dunno, its almost too soon to be having something like this for SF4. The game is still young and its strageties are still being developed.

that and we’d get our asses kicked for sure. lol

Well, we went against Japan in 3s all of the time. And they were always about 2 years ahead of us in terms of the game revolution. I feel better about Team USA for SFIV, since we are only months behind. I don’t think it would be a total blowout, but Japan appears to be efficient in different character than we are in the US.

only one of each character


I’m just going to go ahead and assume that Kindevu, Nuki and Tokido are all making it out again. Hopefully with the resurgence of fighting games we’ll get some other big name SFIV players. Like Joe and Kaqn and Dashio and FZ and…that’s it. All of them + Kindevu vs. THE WORLD!!!

How can you have an exhibition when you don’t even know who the top SF4 players in the country are?

Cali IS SF4 :rock:

as the old saying goes…

“let niggas play for spots”

I’m in Texas, so let me name my five best TX friends. They are definitely better than your guys.

. . . you get the point. We can’t have an exhibition until we know who the best players in the nation are; in other words, after a national event such as Evo has occurred. inkblot hit the nail on the head.

In no particular order

Ryan “Gootecks” Guiterrez
Mike “The Greater Force” Ross
Bobino "Bob"
Paul "So much damage"
Alex “Cali Power” Valle
Peter “Combofiend” Rosas
Justin Wong
Long Island Joe
Ed Ma

Too bad living there doesn’t automatically make you good at it.:wonder:

Let the Top 16 USA players who places the highest @ Evo duke it out for a chance to play against JPN… or at least some qualifier should take place @ Evo this year to determine a USA team for this year or for NEXT year!!

Or we could, you know, just look at the tournament results.

You do know TX has had the game in two different arcades since the first month of release, right? Let me take a wild guess: you live in California. Haven’t you seen the South Park episode about the “smug” problem?