USA vs Japan SF4 5on5

Right now the SF4 scene is just trying to see what actually wins, who the best characters are, who the best players are: old school people, the 3s players, CvS2 players, or new players coming from marvel, tekken, doa, smash, etc… To me that is the most interesting angle in SF4, not usa vs japan.

I do see one interesting angle for a 5v5, that would be the players who were playing the arcade version: Cali, Texas, NYC, the other 10 places that had it vs Japan’s arcade players. While I think that would be the best version of the 5v5, it doesnt seem to fit evo. Maybe we could have it the day before at some other location? Maybe japan will fly over for MWC or another event and it can happen there? Maybe it should just be left for SBO to handle?

Why does Texas always have to get involved in like everything.

I mean in every new game since 2000 california always dominates early on before everyone else catches up. Being in california doesn’t automatically make anyone good, but it’s been proven time and time again they have high quality comp. Nothing has changed.

This argument occurred for the 5v5 3s before when everyone pretty knew socal or ffa in particular should be well represented but texas had to get involved.

This is not to say texas or the midwest isn’t good. If this was a 5v5 tekken 5 DR or tekken tag tournament, 3 or 4 spots would automatically go to them, and none would go to the EC because EC sucks at tekken (except ATL) just like it was 5v5 CvS2 I think at least 3 spots would go to norcal.

I didn’t see texas represent at sinsation? Yet I saw california. And the guys that made top 5 aren’t always making top 5 at california tournaments.

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Right, Texas got involved in 3S because Texas was good at 3S just like Cali. You want results, look at results. You might be too young of a whimpersnapper to remember this, but Hsien and Mopreme (two Austin players) were top 8 at 3S before FFA was even heard of. Now, we’ve had two years of fubarduck in Top 5 at 3S (2007-2008) losing only to Japanese players (and Justin), qualifying for SBO in 2007 beating FFA players, the list goes on (fubar and Mopreme qualified, EdMa/Gootecks sent home). Historically, TX has played on, at the very least, an equal level to Cali since the beginning. It is always resolved after we prove it with results, and year after year some new douchebag pretends that CA is the only state on the map.

Fortunately, inkblot is old enough to have seen this happen year after year and understands how myopic it would be to have an all-Cali lineup representing the entire USA. I recommend some heavy prescription glasses and/or contacts for Evo this year and a notebook so you can write down what happens. :china:

Didnt Mopreme/Fubar get all his skills from i dunno living in japan? Fubar is so badass though lol

The only time you really need a exhibition is in a older game. SF4 is brand new, let the actual tournament be in the prime time spotlight.

No need for a 5on5 till we know where everyone stands.

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