USA vs NE vids? What happened?

I wanted to see the USA vs NE vids but it seems that only USA vs Japan3 and NE vs Japan made it online. Am I mistaken? Are these vids floating around? I’d just like to see all of the matches.


I belive these were up for ahwhile on Jon’s ftp. Only one worth watching is butch’s hugo againt pyrolee just ass loads of pyschic dp+k moves from hugo. Hope you find em just coming in to point out they are somewhere.

Umm, what defines “worth watching?” Matches that Nebraska managed to win? =P

matches i found entertaining with uncommon things in them. like if i coulda got the izu raping of butch on tape i would watch that all the time. it was awesome bad for butch. I think butch lost the match againt pyrolee btw so FUCKKKKKK YOUUUUU cali fag:)

hi apoc sup? I have some fotage on camcorder from N cubed in 02. Will have to check to make sure some of the USA vs Ne is on it.

oh can you send me your email address in a PM to me please? i want to email you or PM you about evo. :smokin:

Where can I find any of these vids?

well i can check the fotage I have on my camcorder as soon as my mom gets back from WA state using it. which is hopefully soon :rolleyes: I will post as soon as the camcorder gets back.

Theres japan vs nebraska (N-cube) and japan (chikyuu, riri, kyosuke, masagi, IZU) vs usa3 (frank, watson, pyrolee, flashg, vic vance). I never heard of usa vs nebraska…

I remember it at N-cubed. It was being made fun of. “what Ne is not part of the USA?”:rofl:

there was some matches of them doing that. I just have to get my camcorder back to see if I taped any of it.

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damn,that was a good one Yoo:rofl: :smokin:

Wtf the first post was way in 03’ and people are replying.

Last time Apoc posted was in Februrary.

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Yo I got the vid of USA vs us as in Ne. I wanna send it to u and u tell me if they whooped our ass to u. I had Alex,Butch had Hugo,Dirty had Ryu,Simon had Akuma,and Jamarrvelous had Oro. We did pretty good just fucked up in some areas and lost the match but I dont think Cali was all that to be saying they were better then us at the time. Especially not that team.

Pyro had Yun,Vic had Dudley,Frank had Akuma,and Flash G had Chun.

Gimmy yo mailing info I’ll send the vid. U gotta start it from where the vid starts to see that 5 on 5.