Usable taunts

After seeing the Zero Damage video, I’m now curious. Even if it’s a small amount, it seems that some taunts can actually have a potential use to them beyond merely psyching-out the opponent. Can anyone give me a list of such taunts? The video shows what I mean pretty well, but for those who haven’t seen it, I’m referring to taunts that either a) change the hitbox, b) seemingly grant invincibility at some point, c) attack, or d) move the character (don’t know any offhand, but there could be). In combination with a kara-taunt, referring to taunting immediately after focus unless I’ve got that wrong, there just might be a real use buried somewhere.

one of adons taunts can make him avoid fireballs. thats all i know of.

Yeah, the video showed that it also is invulnerable to Abel’s ground attacks or EX air grab.

Juri has that one that makes her say “Over here” sorry I dont know the name of it. Now that I think of it. Is that considered a taunt? She does make that come here motion.

One of Dan’s taunts lets him avoid Sagat’s high fireballs.

Dans’s jumping taunt has a hitbox. I remember stuffing someone’s SRK with it. O_o

Cody’s sleeping taunt can avoid fireballs.

fei has one where he lays on the ground that avoids fireballs

adon has one that looks like a feint for his jaguar tooth wall dives. he does a backflip and the startup is almost exactly the same visually as the attack

Haha yeah I felt bad on day 1 of super when that whiffed, I worried everyone thought I was being a taunting dick. Thats her counter named Kasatushi.

Akuma has a taunt thats identical to the start-up to his shanku-hados. Must be some shenanigans with that.

ohh yeah I forgot about Akuma’s good call

Sakura’s Taunt 3 can duck high Tiger Shots and Tatsus if done early. It also inches you forward.

Honda’s taunt 7 looks like he’s throwing a punch but he doesn’t. Always good fun to dizzy someone then walk up and throw it out there - he punches but nothing connects, then he laughs.

It’s his best move.

Repeatedly doing Viper’s taunt 1 moves her backward. So you can bait a move at footsie range with taunt, then taunt again to move her out of range then punish with… nothing because all her moves are so slow.

You can cancel a taunt into ultra/super with gief. Useful for punishing hp shoryus and the like if you dont know how to standing 720.

i think of sim’s taunts has some application, forgot which it was though.

Yep, I do this with Hawk for that reason, standing 720s escape me.

You mean like this: [media=youtube]aKGxiXWUAVE#t=1m42s[/media] ?

If all else fails you could always kara-taunt and piss people off. Like piss me off. Bastards…

hahahaha! :tup:

Just by simply Sending a Message to the person before anything happens (before the match even begins)
saying “UR MOM” is one of the best taunts usable ever!!! lol

Fei Long’s Taunt 5 can avoid certain Focus Attacks, and fireballs (I think). Also with his Taunt 4, you can go into Super without interrupting the animation, though you have to do it at a certain point, otherwise it will interrupt.