USA's Burn Notice

I didn’t see any threads when I searched.

Anyway, this is one of the better shows so far this year, im enjoying each episode, what are your thoughts?


usa network is on a roll lately with shows…i dont like monk but recognize its greatness.

psych and burn notice are too beastly.

Same here liked the Jeffrey Donovan when he was in Touching Evil. Hopefully this show doesnt get cancelled like that did? But since i have that ability that Million has, except the things I enjoy watching on tv get cancelled.

Word for fucking word of what I was gonna say. This is the era of USA on the ball. I’m sure their ratings are through the roof nowdays. Hell, just off the Law & Order reruns.

Psych I try to catch whenever I can. Great show. And my mother watching Monk like it’s nobodies business.:rofl:

my moms addicted to monk like its crack…are we brothers? lol.

XD. I’d say so. I swear theres like, 20 eps on Monk on the recorded list. I keep telling her to watch and remove them. sigh

Why does SRK like Burn Notice? Because Jeffrey Donovan is the new Macguyver

It’s got Bruce fucking Campbell.


Burn Notice really hasn’t disappointed in the least bit yet. Donovan and Campbell are doing great jobs at their respective roles. Gabrielle Anwar is a hot piece too. The nice little explanation tidbits make it work even greater. And there is ALWAYS a lot of eye candy.

Fuckin’ genious.

Psych is fucking awesome, Monk used to be fucking awesome, 4400 is fucking awesome, havent watched BN yet though need to check it out. USA is pretty dope.

Burn Notice is the best new show this year that I have seen. The only thing that I do not like is that the main character has too many morals.

USA is beasting recently, probably my favorite ‘entertainment’ channel outside the super networks.

My favorite show so far. Boston Legal sits close behind.

I believe he is a long lost son of MacBauer.

That shit was good this week, top tier shit. Next week looks great per the previews.

Masochist Fiona = so fucking HOT.

Super shameless plug.

My USA TOP 3 for action are:

3.Burned Notice

My USA TOP 3 for comedy
1.Burned Notice
3.Psych (haven’t gotten to see none of this season or the 2nd half of last season, need to get caught up)

Burn Notice is the shit. I usually download it since I get in after it airs. Did an episode come on this week?

lol the bumbling cop on monk is a voice actor…that fool is joe higashi from the old fatal fuyu ova’s and movie. lol i feel so let down…joe’s manliness comes from that skinny prick.