USB A to B soldering question

Hey guys trying to solder what I thought would be an easy thing here but I am running into issues. My PC is telling me the USB device is malfunctioning and I am not sure what I could be doing wrong here.

I don’t know how the USB B is supposed to be wired up, but the USB A looks fine. Can you check your solder joints and make sure they have continuity?

Do you have another USB A to USB B cable you can use to test if it’s your wiring or something else?

I have checked the continuity and it looks good there. The crazy part of this is I used a cable I knew worked then I cut the ends off and replaced them with my own and it ceased to work. I am just at a loss of what I could be messing up with so few steps.

This isnt a lot to go on.
Could you have reversed d+ and d-?

If you click the picture you can see they’re in the correct position. To my knowledge these are pretty universal.

Double check the pinout

The USB Pinout:
Pin    Name	  Cable color	   Description
1	    VCC     Red	           +5 VDC
2	    D-	    White	       Data -
3	    D+	    Green	       Data +
4	    GND     Black	       Ground

You probably have the white and green wires mixed up, which is a very common mistake even with the pros.

Hmm I’m not sure how they could be off I am doing both ends myself so there isn’t much to be have the colors be off.

Maybe it’s a driver issue on the PC. Try plugging it into your console.

So I didn’t know it was necessary but the ground shield from inside the wire must be touching the USB itself as another sort of ground? I didn’t know that was a neccessary thing as with my USB Pro cables and ethernet cables I’ve never seen that. Not even sure how I would go about doing that.

EDIT: Except now that I think about it all the Pro cables I did i never used the shield either.
Using it to my printer worked without running the shield but trying to power my brook board did not.

The ground shield is to protect from RF and EM interference, also depending on your case you have some static electricity as well

from whatever your cable coming into your case, shield should be tied to ground and not left floating
If you are worried about static and got a metal top panel, attach a wire from your joystick mount to ground.

Do these need to be connected to ground contacts on the USB or just the connectors themselves?

In the USB cable proper there ether a metal braid of wire wrapping around everything or a bare wire touching a foil wrap inside the wire. That braid or bare wire should would be soldered to the Metal outer covering or shell of that USB plug. Depending on the cable, it’s sometimes soldered on one end (usually the B end).

On the board side, the original PCB would have a separate solder point for shield ground or its sometimes labeled as sgnd, that point is connected to the ground plane of the PCB.

On Replacement PCBs such as the Brooks, you just tie the SGnd to GND and call it a day.

The ground wire you would attach to the metal panel to drain any static would also be connected to a ground point. On your board, any Ground or GND terminal would be okay.