Usb cable extension issue

Hi there. I’m currently approaching completion of a custom arcade stick project I’ve been working on for a few months (because I’m lazy.) The only detail that really matters right now is that the pcb I am using is a Mayflash Ps2/ps3/pc pcb. So here’s the problem: The cord that comes stock with the pcb is about 1/2 meter long after routing it around my case. That is absurdly short, so I took the initiative to extend it. This is what I ran into after stripping 3 separate cables:

  • Random usb a/a male to female extension cord: shielding, white wire, red wire, blue wire, purple wire
  • Cord I ripped out of some faulty madcatz pad I had lying around: white wire, black wire, green wire, red wire
  • Cord I need to extend (from mayflash): Green wire, red wire, white wire, black wire, yellow wire, loose stranded wire (I’m assuming that it’s some form of shielding.)

Can anyone assist me on which wires I should solder together? I’m going for extending the mayflash cable with the madcatz cable.


Usually this is the USB specs
Pin: 1 Red : +5 Volts
Pin: 2 White: Data -
Pin: 3 Green: Data +
Pin:4 Black: Ground

4 pin USB A or USB B plug connector
at the peripherals

4 pin USB A / USB B / mini-USB jack connector
Pin x of mini-USB connector may be not connected, connected to GND or used as attachment identification at some portable devices.

For some reason you have 2 non-standard cables, time for the multi-meter Check the pins compare them to the colors and write the results down
It is possible that the Mayflash USB cable, the yellow is a extra wire

Alright I was screwing around with some testing here is my data:

Pin One: Red, +5 V
Pin Two: White. Data -
Pin Three: Green, Data +
Pin Four: Black, Ground

Pin One: Red ,+5v
Pin two: White Data -
Pin three: Green, Data +
Pin four: Black, Ground.

So your theory on the yellow wire was correct, and I can now put this together, Thanks!