USB cable for HRAP3 has a short in it


It seems I have a shortage in my usb cable on my HRAP3 and I wanted to know if anyone knew where I can get a replacement for it? Every time I use the stick I have to move the cable in a certain position for it to work and if it moves the stick becomes unresponsive. I can use my HRAP from PSX with a converter and I have no problems. I’ve tried unplugging the USB from the HRAP3 from the PCB and plugging it back in and it still doesn’t work so I want to replace it. Any help finding a replacement cable will be greatly appreciated.:smile:


I had the same problem with my HRAP EX last night :xeye:

But, the sort was at the joint ( the part where the cable meets the stick) due to stress on the joint by the cable.

I just used a cable stripper to strip of the shielding , soldered individual cables, taped them individually and finally taped them together. Finally, I made sure that the repaired part of the cable stayed inside the arcade stick :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :smile:


I will look into stripping the wires, the only thing is I don’t know how to solder. So when you stripped the wire you could see the wire coming apart?


Not really,…but it didn’t really matter!

Just make sure where the problem is by bending it and checking whether it disconnects or not and strip the wire from that spot!

If you can’t solder, don’t risk it,…just ask someone else to do it!


I emailed Hori about the situation I’m having. I’m hoping they offer replacement usb cables for it. Don’t know how to solder and don’t know anyone with a soldering kit :frowning: Thanks for the replies tho!


couldnt find a clean fix for this, maybe a tut on how to replace the entire cord? don’t know if it’s too specific but im having the same issue and don’t know how to get it fixed. :frowning:



ahh thanks man, sorry that i forgot to mention that mines is an hrap ex though. the hrap3 cord won’t work for the 360 am i right?

this is what the cord looks like now.


But let me check if the pinout for wires is same.

HRAP 3 cable goes Black, Black, Green, White, Red.
HRAP EX cable goes Black, Black, Red, White, Green.

You can plug in the HRAP 3 cable to your HRAP EX SE.
But the pinout would not be correct unless you change them yourself.

Changing the pinout not all that hard.
You know how to extract pins from a housing?

jamesepoop is going to try doing it for you.
I’m talking to him right now.


that would be great man! i really dont have any experience with changing anything in the housing, so i dont think i trust myself doing it blindly. just to check the hrap ex and hrap3 have the same white plug? no soldering or connecting on my part, just unplug and replug?


Same white connector.
It just that the order of wires are not the same.


do you know anyone that has done this? it seems easy enough but stuff happens.


jamesepoop told me few hours ago that he de-pinned the connector and put into HRAP EX order for you.
He should Private Message you.


Yup, done. This is a pic of the switching 1 of the two wires. My cable is brand new =)